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Final Update to 'Next Tales of' is Xillia and Xillia 2

138d ago - 8CN: What we expect to be the final update finally came online today as ​Tales of Xillia​ and ​Xi... | Dev

Tales of Graces and Hearts Updated to 'Next Tales of' Site

139d ago - 8CN: The Next Tales of site is on it's presumably second to last update and officially posted Hea... | Dev

Vesperia and Innocence Videos and Wallpapers are Added to 'Next Tales of' Site

139d ago - 8CN: Another day, another update. The "Next Tales of" site now has new wallpapers and scenes fro... | Dev

'Next Tales of' Site Has Legendia, Abyss, Hearts, and Graces

141d ago - 8CN: While it's more than likely a mistake on the website guy's part, the ​Next Tales of​ site no... | Dev

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Trademarks Filed For Tales Of Asteria, Tales Of Kanade

141d ago - Namco Bandai has made it more brandable by registering two more Tales series under trademark by r... | Xbox 360

Next Tales of Site Updated With Eternia and Destiny 2

141d ago - 8CN: As promised, the "Next Tales of" site is being updated every day with new content. Original... | Dev

'Next Tales of' Slowly Moves Towards the Present with 'Symphonia and 'Rebirth'

141d ago - 8CN: Once again Bandai Namco updated the "Next Tales of" site with new content. This time around... | Dev

Japanese 'Tales of' Site Opens, Possible Remakes in the Works?

143d ago - 8CN: A new teaser site opened today titled ​Next Tales of​ and it features scenes from the ever p... | Dev

The Top 11 Fighting Games Of The Past Generations

144d ago - Not “of all time” of the past 2 decades, I try to be P.C. about writing a list like this and I de... | GameCube

Dark Souls: The Spiritual Nature of Humanity and the Soul l Fextralife

144d ago - One author examines the spirituality present in the world of Dark Souls and specifically the natu... | PC

ADG Plays Soul Caliber II HD Online For The First Time

145d ago - ADG plays Soul Caliber II HD Online for the first time, courtesy of Namco Bandai. Watch him and D... | Xbox 360

Rumor: Ni no Kuni 2 Reportedly Being Developed For The PlayStation 4

146d ago - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a JRPG title by Namco Bandai which was released on Ninten... | PS4

Noob Souls: One Hour. One Brand New Player. One Game. Dark Souls. -Pixel Enemy

152d ago - Dark Souls is a game built with incredible mechanics and immersed in a difficulty that punishes p... | PC

Pac-Man falls flat in his 3D platformer debut

154d ago - This unnecessary 3D platformer provides us little incentive to buy it, especially with the abunda... | PC

New One Piece Unlimited Red Commericial

160d ago - Namco Bandai Games has released a new One Piece Unlimited World Red commercial! The video is a qu... | 3DS

Beta Testing Announced for Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

161d ago - A closed beta test for the free-to-play single player only, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords was recently... | PS3

"Break Burst" Is A Clue For Namco Bandai’s Latest Teaser Site

165d ago - Namco Bandai opened a teaser site for a new title with the key words “break burst.” The site will... | Industry

Namco Bandai Tease New Game With Countdown Site Entitled “Break Burst”

165d ago - PlayStation Euphoria: Namco Bandai, the developers behind the Tales of and Tekken series of games... | PSP

Nintendo outsourced Wii Sports Club's development to Namco Bandai

173d ago - Nintendo seems to be more comfortable than ever in terms allowing outside studios to work on thei... | Wii U

Big Zam and Strike Gundam Gameplay from 'Shin Gundam Musou'

178d ago - 8CN: Bandai Namco revealed two new gameplay videos for their title, ​Shin Gundam Musou​. The fir... | PS3

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J-Stars Victory VS gets anime theme song version

180d ago - If you're a fan of anime theme songs, there's a version of J-Stars just for you - though it might... | PS3

Namco Bandai Registers Trademarks for 'Pac-Man','One Piece', 'Short Peace'

182d ago - 8CN: Namco Bandai Europe has registered a few intriguing domains. Among some of the projects hint... | Dev

PS4/Xbox One - Could Naruto Be Making Way to Next Gen?

183d ago - Namco Bandai has registered a new domain hinting at the next Naruto game. | PS4

Contents of the 'Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition' Revealed

187d ago - 8CN: Namco Bandai has revealed the contents of the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edit... | PS3

Dark Souls II Interview - NYCC 2013 - Prepare to Die Again!

187d ago - Nick talks to J. Kartje about Dark Souls II‘s new enemies, online and systems. Stick around to he... | PC

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