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Massive Namco Sale Hits PSN

155d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Publisher-wide sales are always a good thing, and this is one of the best ones to... | PSP

Rolling Thunder 2: What Did Critics Say in 1992?

303d ago - Albatross is back and ready to fight Geldra. Don't know what I'm talking about? Then you need to... | Culture

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

[Continue Play] Review - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

414d ago - Continue Play's Wesley Copeland takes a look at Tekken Tag Tournament and delivers a knockout punch. | Xbox 360

Namco Bandai’s adorable RPG runner Hello Kitty Tap and Run is out on Play Store

434d ago - Its hard to resist the adorable charm and sweetness of the Hello Kitty characters. Namco Bandai h... | Android

Namco Bandai Games to Distribute The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in ANZ

434d ago - CD Projekt RED has announced Namco Bandai Games Australia and New Zealand will distribute the thi... | PC

SoulCalibur: Lost Sword: Why A Single Player Experience Is The Right Direction.

448d ago - Soul Calibur: the well-known fighting game series by Namco that lets you fight with swords and ot... | PS3

Tekken's Harada Has Two New Namco Games For 2014

448d ago - GameRanx, by Ryan Parreno We start the year with the promise of new games. | Industry

History Lesson: Namco

623d ago - CVG - Namco likes to break barriers. When Toru Iwatani designed Pac-Man in 1980, the primary aim... | Culture

Namco at Gadget Show Live 2013

720d ago - Check out what Namco had to show off at this year's Gadget Show Live. | PC

Tales producer: Japan going 'back to roots,' avoiding 'westernization' of games

793d ago - Japanese games are slowly making a resurgence. Games like Dark Souls and Persona 4 have recapture... | Xbox 360

Top 8 Namco Games

841d ago - 411mania - From Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur to Pac Man, Time Crisis, and more, 411's Marc Morrison... | Culture

GI - Star Trek (2013, Namco) Video Game Interview

844d ago - GI - Star Trek is a third-person action-adventure video game coming in 2013 from Namco Bandai Gam... | PC

Infinite RushDown: Episode 6 Just Filthie

848d ago - Welcome Gamers to another episode of Infinite Rushdown Hoted By Carl “Perfect Legend” White and M... | PC

How Wii U and Nintendo changed Tekken

859d ago - Costumes, mushrooms and touch controls helped Namco find a niche for Tekken on Nintendo's new con... | Wii U

How Namco keeps its Tales Of RPG series fresh, 17 years later

872d ago - GamaSutra - Namco's Tales Of series has been going on for many years, beginning in 1995 when deve... | Culture

My Misspent Youth – Breakdown – Immersion Is A Waking Dream

901d ago - The author mourns the fate of an ambitious first person fighting game. | Culture

The Making of Pacman: A Developer Retrospective

959d ago - Take a blast to the past with a look at gaming history! In this newly-translated 2003 retrospecti... | Arcade

Katsuhiro Harada Talks Tekken Tag 2, Wii U power and Smash Bros.

971d ago - Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has fielded three important topics concerning Wii U. | Wii U

Top 10 Video Game Makers

979d ago - Techdeville writes: Who do we thank for all the wonderful games that we cherish and love for ages... | Wii

Exclusive DLC for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Namco community manager Filthy Rich give all the details.

1013d ago - I got the chance to speak with Rich "Filthy Rich" Bantegui community manager for Namco games. He... | Xbox 360

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Inversion Preview -

1045d ago - Last week, we sat down with the Namco guys to blast our way through what looks to be one of summe... | Xbox 360
140° --- Why Namco Will 1-Up Capcom

1045d ago - Although it was thought to be all but impossible only a short time ago, the game industry has man... | PC

Capcom x Namco: 4 fighting games of better value than SFxT

1057d ago - Street Fighter x Tekken is a disappointment in so many ways as it personifies what's wrong with C... | Arcade

Namco unleash Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screens and details

1064d ago - Xbigy Games writes: Namco have unleashed 25 new screenshots for you to feast your eyes on here.... | Xbox 360

Blast From The Past: R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

1081d ago - "Ridge Racer has been a stalwart series for Namco. Having started out in arcades and then moving... | Culture
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