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User Review : Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure

This game blames you ! For all it's flaws

There is a new bug in the game doesn't matter what you are doing, then all of the sudden a message pops up saying either, this is a warning for time cheating or for cheating by accelerating the game, you don't have to be doing anything, you can be gifting a friend or receiving gift when this pops up, and if you get two of these warnings they take away your ability's and when you contact support and tell them you did nothing wrong this is there reply,,,,,,,,,,,, so be warned
Game Insight
Thank you for contacting Game Insight Support Team!

I should inform you that your game was blocked for changing time/date settings on your device which affected the game.

I understand how you feel about this situation and would be glad to help you the best way I can. Although for the time being I have no opportunity to unblock your game I offer you my help in transferring your iTunes purchases to your new game account if you decide to start the game over. You can keep playing the current game without access to some game options or reinstall the application and start the game over enjoying all game features.

If you had any iTunes purchases in the game I would be glad to transfer them to your new game. In this case please submit the following data:

1) Your purchase receipts in PDF/JPG/PNG format sent in attachment. 
To view your Purchase history click the Store tab in the upper menu in iTunes → View My Account → enter your login and password (if requested) and you will see your account information. Find an option “Purchase history” and click “See all”. 
2) Your UDID. 
To find your UDID please open iTunes on your computer. Select device when it appears in the left column. Click the Summary tab. The serial number will be displayed. Click Serial Number, and the Identifier (UDID) will appear. Please, note that your device needs to be plugged into your computer (the info will not show up unless device is plugged in).

In case my additional assistance is required, please feel free to contact me any time. Thank you for choosing our application!


Your Game Insight Support Team

September 03, 2012 18:23

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Crashes all over the place
Fun Factor
No fun if you can't play
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