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MT: MySims Agent Review

2307d ago - Whatever happened to the great educational computer games of yesteryear - "The Oregon Trail,... | 3

Game Vortex: MySims Agents Review

2307d ago - Game Vortex writes: "MySims Agents is the latest game in the MySims series. These "Sims... | 3

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TAG: MySims Agents Review

2307d ago - It's easy to be skeptical with a Sims game. While the idea of guiding a bunch of morons you desig... | 3

MySims Agents (DS) Review at CheatCC

2308d ago - CheatCC says, "MySims Agents on the DS could have been a competent game. If the mini-games w... | 5

GameZone: MySims Agents Review

2311d ago - As a little kid you play many games. You probably played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, a... | 3

Gaming Union: MySims Agents Review

2314d ago - Gaming Union: "MySims Agents is probably the best addition to the MySims franchise so far. I... | 3

GreenPixels Reviews: My Sims Agent

2314d ago - GreenPixels.........I've always loved a good mystery. Whether I'm reading a novel or watching a f... | 3

NWR: MySims Agents Review

2314d ago - Despite its flaws, EA has constructed a great game anyone from fans of the series to newcomers ca... | 3

E4G: MySims Agents Review

2314d ago - xtremegamerguy at E4G writes "MySims Agents is like cream skimmed off the top of the ferment... | 3,5

MySims Agents Review -

2314d ago - Gamervision writes: "Early in the Wii's lifetime, Electronic Arts was one of the first dev... | 3

ZTGD Weekly Video Review Wrap-Up Episode 4

2315d ago - The latest weekly review wrap-up is here as Cat covers Gran Turismo, NHL 2K10, MySims Agents and... | 1,2,3,4,5,6

Gamervision: MySims Agents Review

2315d ago - Early in the Wii's lifetime, Electronic Arts was one of the first developers to create a franchis... | 3

Game Guys Review: MySims Agents for the Nintendo Wii

2315d ago - MySims Agents is the latest entry into Electronic Arts' MySims franchise for the Nintendo Wii. In... | 3

Games2C: MySims Agents Review

2317d ago - It would have been nice to have a few multiplayer options as the game lends itself to at least so... | 3

VGC: MySims Agents Review

2317d ago - VGC writes: "Secretly, I've always been fascinated by secret agent pulp and I am a long time... | 3

Kotaku: MySims Agents Review

2317d ago - Kotaku writes: "People have a sad habit of saying "game X is a good game… for the Wii.&... | 3

Gametrailers: MySims Agents Review

2318d ago - Gametrailers: Can the cutesy world of Sims tackle the sexy world of espionage? | 3,5

Wonderwallweb Review: MySims Agent

2318d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: MySims Agents is a refreshing change for the Wii and is a must for you... | 3

GamesRadar: MySims Agents Review

2319d ago - There's a nice variety in the different objectives and the game never gets tedious despite some r... | 3

Blast Magazine: MySims Agents Review

2319d ago - Blast Magazine writes: "MySims Agents might be the best of the traditional MySims titles, de... | 3

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Gamespot: MySims Agents Review

2320d ago - Given the mainstream appeal of both the original Sims franchise and the Wii, something like the M... | 3

1UP: MySims: Agents Review

2320d ago - Existing somewhere between Nancy Drew and James Bond, MySims: Agents takes the superdeformed MySi... | 3

CSM: MySims Agents Review

2320d ago - Calling all secret agents. MY SIMS AGENTS has an opening just for you. In this detective adventur... | 3

Digital Chumps: MySims Agents Review

2320d ago - Digital Chumps writes: "The very first rule to being a great reviewer is to always keep an o... | 3

MySims Agents - ZTGD Review

2321d ago - ZeroTolerance writes: The MySims series has become a regular staple in the ever-growing Wii libra... | 5

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