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MySims Agents Wii Review - Console Obsession

1750d ago - MySims Agents may be lacking in variety, but is nonetheless a well made kids game and one that sh... | 3

MT: MySims Agent Review

1750d ago - Whatever happened to the great educational computer games of yesteryear - "The Oregon Trail,... | 3

Game Vortex: MySims Agents Review

1751d ago - Game Vortex writes: "MySims Agents is the latest game in the MySims series. These "Sims... | 3

TAG: MySims Agents Review

1751d ago - It's easy to be skeptical with a Sims game. While the idea of guiding a bunch of morons you desig... | 3

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MySims Agents (DS) Review at CheatCC

1751d ago - CheatCC says, "MySims Agents on the DS could have been a competent game. If the mini-games w... | 5

GameZone: MySims Agents Review

1755d ago - As a little kid you play many games. You probably played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, a... | 3

Gaming Union: MySims Agents Review

1757d ago - Gaming Union: "MySims Agents is probably the best addition to the MySims franchise so far. I... | 3

GreenPixels Reviews: My Sims Agent

1757d ago - GreenPixels.........I've always loved a good mystery. Whether I'm reading a novel or watching a f... | 3

NWR: MySims Agents Review

1757d ago - Despite its flaws, EA has constructed a great game anyone from fans of the series to newcomers ca... | 3

E4G: MySims Agents Review

1757d ago - xtremegamerguy at E4G writes "MySims Agents is like cream skimmed off the top of the ferment... | 3,5

MySims Agents Review -

1758d ago - Gamervision writes: "Early in the Wii's lifetime, Electronic Arts was one of the first dev... | 3

ZTGD Weekly Video Review Wrap-Up Episode 4

1758d ago - The latest weekly review wrap-up is here as Cat covers Gran Turismo, NHL 2K10, MySims Agents and... | 1,2,3,4,5,6

Gamervision: MySims Agents Review

1759d ago - Early in the Wii's lifetime, Electronic Arts was one of the first developers to create a franchis... | 3

Game Guys Review: MySims Agents for the Nintendo Wii

1759d ago - MySims Agents is the latest entry into Electronic Arts' MySims franchise for the Nintendo Wii. In... | 3

Games2C: MySims Agents Review

1760d ago - It would have been nice to have a few multiplayer options as the game lends itself to at least so... | 3

VGC: MySims Agents Review

1761d ago - VGC writes: "Secretly, I've always been fascinated by secret agent pulp and I am a long time... | 3

Kotaku: MySims Agents Review

1761d ago - Kotaku writes: "People have a sad habit of saying "game X is a good game… for the Wii.&... | 3

Gametrailers: MySims Agents Review

1761d ago - Gametrailers: Can the cutesy world of Sims tackle the sexy world of espionage? | 3,5

Wonderwallweb Review: MySims Agent

1762d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: MySims Agents is a refreshing change for the Wii and is a must for you... | 3

GamesRadar: MySims Agents Review

1762d ago - There's a nice variety in the different objectives and the game never gets tedious despite some r... | 3

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Blast Magazine: MySims Agents Review

1763d ago - Blast Magazine writes: "MySims Agents might be the best of the traditional MySims titles, de... | 3

Gamespot: MySims Agents Review

1763d ago - Given the mainstream appeal of both the original Sims franchise and the Wii, something like the M... | 3

1UP: MySims: Agents Review

1763d ago - Existing somewhere between Nancy Drew and James Bond, MySims: Agents takes the superdeformed MySi... | 3

CSM: MySims Agents Review

1764d ago - Calling all secret agents. MY SIMS AGENTS has an opening just for you. In this detective adventur... | 3

Digital Chumps: MySims Agents Review

1764d ago - Digital Chumps writes: "The very first rule to being a great reviewer is to always keep an o... | 3

MySims Agents

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Release Dates
Nintendo DS Release Dates
EU 25 September 2009
US 29 September 2009
JP 01 October 2009
Wii Release Dates
EU 25 September 2009
US 29 September 2009
JP 01 October 2009