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Mugen Souls Z Review | GearNuke

455d ago - Mugen Souls Z is the direct sequel to 2012′s Mugen Souls and is as bit crazy as the original. The... | PS3

CeX Review- Mugen Souls Z

481d ago - Denis Murphy writes- You gottta hand it to Compile Heart, as they're one of the few developers th... | PS3

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Mugen Souls Z Review (Invision Game Community)

513d ago - Mugen Souls Z is the sequel to Mugen Souls that was released back in 2012 and is developed by Com... | PS3

60 Minute Access: Mugen Souls Z Part 1

521d ago - "Welcome to a game that next to no one has likely heard of: Mugen Souls Z. It is very Japanese, a... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review | 3rd-strike

526d ago - 3rd-strike writes: "Game play-wise the game has a good amount of variety and has its own unique e... | PS3

Denkiphile: Mugen Souls Z Review

539d ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "I still remember my first encounter with Mugen Souls. At E3 2012, there N... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review – Slimy yet satisfying | Gamer Horizon

539d ago - Mugen Souls Z is a JRPG with a plethora of complicated mechanics, a massive cast, and plenty of o... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z: Too Much Excess Fat | Siliconera

542d ago - Despite its hiccups, Mugen Souls Z has an odd charm to it, but its charm wears thinner and thinne... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review (PS3)

542d ago - " remember the spaceship/mech combat I mentioned earlier? Your space ship turns into a badass tra... | PS3

Otaku Dome: Mugen Souls Z Review

543d ago - Otaku Dome: The sequel to Mugen Souls has made it’s way to America. Bringing with it what fans... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review - VGU

543d ago - Lady Chou Chou is back to conquer more worlds in Mugen Souls Z, but is it a journey worth taking?... | PS3

Couch Cast Number 13 | Super Clash Gaming

543d ago - In our latest podcast, David and I discuss R-type Dimensions, Sparkle 2 , Mugen Souls Z, H-Hour... | PC

Mugen Souls Z Review | Games Fiends

545d ago - GamesFiends' Jo takes a look at NIS's Mugen Souls Z title on PS3 | PS3

999 Hours: A Review of Mugen Souls Z (Pixels or Death)

545d ago - From the review - "Mugen Souls Z is about losing yourself in a world of spreadsheets and long-ran... | PS3

CGM Reviews: Mugen Souls Z

546d ago - When first popping Mugen Souls Z into the PlayStation 3, these images flood the grandiose opening... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review | The Game Scouts

547d ago - Sara Perfin: When I was younger my grandmother beat the mantra that “if you can’t say anything ni... | PS3

Boisterous RPG 'Mugen Souls Z' Out Now In Europe

547d ago - Compile Heart and Gcrest's RPG now available in Europe. | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review | GIZORAMA

548d ago - Daniel Kurland, GIZORAMA - "Mugen Souls Z is a JRPG that is steeped in even more JRPG-ness. The o... | PS3

HonestGamers review // Mugen Souls Z

548d ago - Kyle Charizanis says: "In a way, Mugen Souls Z works better as an anime than an RPG." | PS3

Modvive Reviews| Mugen Souls Z – What Happened in Japan Should Have Stayed In Japan

549d ago - This game is a mess. Its offensive, it’s not fun to play, and can’t be recommend for anyone. Hon... | PS3

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Mugen Souls Z Review | GodisaGeek

549d ago - Dan Naylor: "Early in the story, the Undisputed God Chou-Chou is pseudo-raped by a mystical coffi... | PS3

Soul Sucking - Mugen Souls Z Review | Bagogames

551d ago - Mugen Souls Z is another Japanese localization game from NIS America and while it is a great game... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review: Time to be a God(dess) | GamerTell

552d ago - From the review, "Mugen Souls Z takes place shortly after the events of the original Mugen Souls.... | PS3

Mugen Souls Z Review | PS4 Attitude

552d ago - Mugen Souls Z is a game aimed at Japanophiles in every aspect, down to the character models, dial... | PS3

ZTGD | Mugen Souls Z (PS3) Review

552d ago - Drew Leachman writes: I reviewed Mugen Souls for the site a few years ago. It was a confusing JRP... | PS3
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Mugen Souls Z

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PlayStation 3 Release Dates
us May 20, 2014 18 Months Ago
uk May 20, 2014 18 Months Ago
global May 20, 2014 18 Months Ago
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