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User Review : Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

  • Create-A-Kombatant
  • Better Story Mode
  • Racing Combat
  • Two Legged Motaro
  • Only 2 fighting styles/weapons for each character

Mortal Kombat:Armageddon Review

This is my third review and thanks for reporting my last
two so now I can improve! Mortal Kombat is a game close to my
heart. As a kid i fell asleep to the soundtrack. Mortal Kombat is
about a tournament where combatants from different realms battle
to keep their realm safe from Outworld. It is a game rich with
story and blood. This installment in the series is great for the
following reasons.

The combatants are special because in this one it has almost all of the past fighters plus several new ones and the ability to create your own character! Character Creators are one of my favorite thing in games because games that allow the user to create content are great!

Plot is a great thing that some games do not want. But I personally love a good story. The plot of this story is a son of a god(Taven) must go on a quest to kill Blaze. So is his brother Daegon who was sent on the quest years earlier and killed their god parents. Basicly each one will do a different thing if they defeat Blaze. One of the brothers will take away the combatants powers while one will kill all of the combatants if they defeat Blaze. Also compared to Deception and Deadly Alliance the Story Mode has been polished up and is truly a better experience.

3.Special Modes
I Deception it introduced Chess Combat which my Chess with fighting and Puzzle Combat which was Tetris basicly. In Armageddon we got another special mode that includes racing with special moves that I enjoyed alot. When you're tired of fighting the special Racing Combat is a fun and addicting game to play!

So many people say this game sucks. I mean they brought Liu Kang back as a zombie but that is no reason to not like it! I personally loved the game. It is like Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe,the game was not liked even though it was a fun game.

5.Character Changes
Of course with all of the characters in the game sacrifices were made. Motaro had to have only two legs and all characters ended up with only two fighting styles. Once again a bad reason to hate this game. We got almost all of the Mortal Kombat characters! I'm not complaining!

In this game you can use fatalities and mix them up like typing in the arm break and then mixed a head rip into it to create your own fatalities! In my opinion this feature is pretty awesome. You can mix and match tons of fatalities to really mess someone up!

The krypt was a feature introduced in Deadly Alliance but it got lazy in this one. In Deadly Alliance and Deception the Krypt was a graveyard but in this game it was just a group of squares pretty much. So yeah, that is a great reason to not like the game. But if you're gonna be hating the game because of it just don't buy anything!

Really great graphics! The blood and gore looked plain out amazing! It isn't realistic but is the perfect type of graphics for the game!
The sound was great! The screams of terror sounded real and the music was just beautiful!
The gameplay was pretty good overall but some things were not good. Sometimes the car controls for Racing Combat got annoying and it was hard to turn but all of the rest was good.
Fun Factor
An addicting game! Perfect to play with friends if you have a second controller in racing or just a 2v2 fight! If you got bored of that play through the story or use fatalities to kill the human hamburger Meat!
If your friends get boring then plug up your Play Station 2 for internet and play with all kinds of blood thirsty players and see if you're truly a good player.
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LOL_WUT1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

As a die hard Mortal Kombat fan I give this game an eight. The ups for me where: The intro video, the inclusion of UMK3, racing combat, all the character bio videos, the history of MK, create-a-character, classic stages and all the characters being unlocked.

The Downs where: Create a fatality was the most upsetting, character endings, the whole fighting in the air crap and Konquest I was expecting it to be more like Deception.