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Monster Hunter Online May Come to Console Platform

13d ago - Tencent Games and Capcom announced Monster Hunter Online will start final closed beta on November... | PC

Monster Hunter Online New Opening Movie Shows Shining Weapon and Fierce Monsters

21d ago - Tencent Games has released the new opening cinematic trailer of Monster Hunter Online which will... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Monster Hunter Online: Graphic Evolves in Upcoming Final Test

38d ago - Tencent’s Monster Hunter Online recently started its “pioneering beta test,” which will be its la... | PC

Monster Hunter Online - General Review of the Game Basics

216d ago - The 18th April 2013 after the official announcement of the game by Tencent, Monster Hunter Online... | PC

Monster Hunter Online Character Creation Indepth Review

218d ago - This is a HUGE step up from the previous games. Giving you a much more immersive feel than ever f... | PC

The CryEngine Powered Monster Hunter Game Looks Brilliant - New MHO Trailer Unveiled

241d ago - Check out the new CryEngine powered "awakening" cbt gameplay trailer of Monster Hunter Online by... | PC

The Rumor about Monster Hunter Frontier Online 2 is False

242d ago - Last week, a report from inven said that CAPCOM Korea is developing Monster Hunter Frontier Onlin... | PC

5 Most Visually Appealing MMO Games You Should Have on Your Computer

247d ago - What's the reason for you to play a game? Operating System, gameplay and so on could be the anser... | PC

A Sneak Peek at New Map for Next Round of Monster Hunter Online Beta

253d ago - Tencent has just revealed a set of pictures to show new map for next round of Monster Hunter Beta... | PC

8 Alpha/Beta Testing MMOs You Need to Notice in January, 2015

311d ago - As we enter 2015, a lot of big titles has begun or will begin their Alpha/Beta testing. As the te... | PC

Monster Hunter Online CryEngine Benchmarks and Download

326d ago - Tencent Games just released a new benchmark utility for the CryEngine 3 version of Monster Hunter... | PC

China calls bullshit: headlines that angered Chinese gamers this year

481d ago - The past six months have been tough for some Chinese gamers—with cancellations, misunderstandings... | PC

Capcom Betting Big On Growth In Asia Through PC And Mobile

491d ago - Capcom are releasing a number of PC and smartphone games in China and other Asian countries, the... | PC

Gamers can vote for a new Monster Hunter Online monster at ChinaJoy

497d ago - Looking for a new monster to spice up your Monster Hunter Online beta experience? Gamers can vote... | PC

Gamers XTREME - Monster Hunter Online Beta Review (PC)

506d ago - VengefulTorture: "Being a long time MH vet (since the very first game), I’ve been closely paying... | PC

Monster Hunter Online: Check Out The New Hammer Special Attack Gameplay Video

556d ago - A brand new gameplay video of Monster Hunter Online show us some hammer special attack moves from... | PC

Monster Hunter Online: New Special Attack Moves Gameplay Footage Unveiled

558d ago - Monster Hunter Online closed beta #3 preview video: Capcom and Tencent Games show us new special... | PC

Monster Hunter Online Receives New Environment Concept Art

567d ago - Monster Hunter Online just got several pieces of new environment concept art of a scene called Gl... | PC

Hiring begins for secret Monster Hunter online game

672d ago - For those of you who did not already know, there are currently 2 Monster Hunter MMORPG, one being... | Industry

8 Asian MMOs That Need to Come to the West in 2014

710d ago - Cerberus from 2P writes: Asia has become the largest MMO market and every year there are dozens o... | PC

Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

First Look: Monster Hunter Online | MMOGames

751d ago - Powered by CryEngine 3 (now known simply as CryEngine), Monster Hunter Online recently entered it... | PC

Monster Hunter Online: First Baelidae Gameplay Footage Unveiled

775d ago - Here is the very first gameplay footage of Baelidae from the upcoming Monster Hunter Online beta... | PC

Monster Hunter Online: Baelidae Live Action Horror Trailer Unveiled

775d ago - Capcom and Tencent Games show us a brand new live action trailer of Monster Hunter Online. The Cr... | PC

Spider Teased In Monster Hunter Online New Armor Concept?

775d ago - Tencent Games and Capcom's CryEngine 3 MMORPG Monster Hunter Online just released two new pieces... | PC

Monster Hunter Online New Female Attire

780d ago - A new set of female attire is released. | PC
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