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No, Microsoft Isn't Buying Minecraft (If They Have Any Sense)

100d ago - "Over the last couple of days there’s been rumours that Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft will be b... | Industry

Why Microsoft Buying Minecraft Doesn't Matter

101d ago - Microsoft is apparently close to finalizing a deal to buy Minecraft developer Mojang. These rumor... | PC

GameEnthus Podcast ep199: Beautifully Banal? or Box Sales

101d ago - This week Morgan/Mo(@MoEsquire) and Steve(@LevityNYC) hang out with Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@Assault... | PC

Why Microsoft Buying Mojang Will Be Good For The Video Game Industry

101d ago - iDigitalTimes - "In an ideal world, Mojang would have stayed independent forever. But we don't li... | PC

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Why Microsoft Buying Mojang Is Bad For The Gaming Industry

101d ago - iDigitalTimes - "Current rumors suggest Microsoft is hoping to acquire Mojang -- the independent... | PC

MINE-Crosoft: Will Minecraft Become an Xbox Exclusive?

101d ago - According to the Wall Street Journal—citing a “person of knowledge”—Microsoft is in “serious disc... | Xbox 360

Opinion: Microsoft needs to learn from Rare on possible Mojang purchase

102d ago - Thoughts on what Microsoft needs to learn from Rare purchase with possible Mojang purchase. | Industry

Microsoft Said Near $2 Billion Deal for Minecraft Maker

102d ago - Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), maker of the Xbox video-game console, is in discussions to acquire Mojang... | Industry

No Minecon in 2014, but Plans Forming for 2015

118d ago - Minecon will not be happening in 2014, but plans are already being made for Minecon 2015 | Culture

Mojang Comes Under Scrutiny For Minecraft EULA Changes

187d ago - Since its early alpha days, Minecraft's bond with its fans has been strong; operating as a two-wa... | PC

The Patch #53

212d ago - The Patch Discusses Legal Battles | PC

Notch: Mojang Isn't Closing In Ten Years

225d ago - Despite what you may have read in Rolling Stone, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson says Mo... | Industry

Video Game Sensation ‘Minecraft’ Coming To The Big Screen As Warner Bros Acquires Rights

297d ago - Minecraft, one of the hottest video game franchises in the market today, is going to be made into... | Culture

Minecraft with Realistic Graphics?

348d ago - Would Minecraft retain it's same charm if the gameplay remained exactly the same but the graphics... | PC

4J Studios Working on Transferring Saved Xbox 360 Minecraft Games onto Xbox One

400d ago - If you’re one of the many players on Xbox 360 worried about what will happen to your Minecraft ga... | Xbox 360

Mojang expands its Minecraft virtual empire brick by brick

402d ago - FORTUNE -- Despite investing millions of dollars into LEGO Universe and attracting over 2 million... | PC

Top 10 Zombie Games for Kids

425d ago - As part of GamR Mag's 2013 Zombie Week event Christian Orkibi presents his list of the Top 10 Zom... | Culture

Mojang: Freemium a possibility for Scrolls if players don't show

426d ago - Minecraft dev "happy" with current players, but sales have stalled at 110,000 units Mojang wil... | PC

State of independence: An inside view of Minecraft developer Mojang

445d ago - Mojang is three years old, and according to Swedish tech news site IT24, it made pretax profits o... | Industry

Top 5 DIY games on iPhone

461d ago - Quality Index examines the best build-your-own-fun games on iPhone | iPhone

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Minecraft skin scanner

478d ago - 57digital is showing off a skin scanner for Minecraft where you can draw a skin and then upload i... | PC

Scrolls guide: How to play Mojang’s card combat game

521d ago - PC Gamer - If you’ve bought beta access to Scrolls, then you’ve no doubt figured out that it’s a... | PC

Mojang's Scrolls in Open-Beta

566d ago - "Scrolls is a battle game that puts two players against each other using heroes and spells from a... | PC

Mojang Pauses Snapshot Releases to go to Monte Carlo…

582d ago - Mojang Pauses Snapshot Releases to go to Monte Carlo… | PC

Scrolls Is Getting Closer To Beta Also Has A New Logo

589d ago - Scrolls is a strategy role-playing game that is independently developed by Mojang. It combines el... | PC