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Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Kicks Off, 8 Games in 3 Days

520d ago - The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 has kicked off with 6 developers agreeing to make 8 titles with all pro... | PC

Mojam 2013 Starts on 20th Feb

520d ago - Accelerated Ideas writes: "Mojang have announced that Mojam 2013 will take place on Wed 20th Feb... | PC

Videogame Roundtable Episode 296: Still Need a Nurse

535d ago - Jonah is still plagued, though this time he’s suffering laryngitis that accompanied the flu. Howe... | PC

'Minecraft - Pocket Edition' Version 0.5.1 Update Gets Detailed

555d ago - "As we mentioned back in December, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has passed the 5 million units sold... | Mobile

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Edge Developer Awards 2013: the top 50 studios working today

556d ago - Welcome to the Edge Developer Awards, a new, annual list of the best development studios in the w... | Industry

The Rise Of Minecraft

567d ago - As we head into a new year, one of the biggest games out there remains the independent blockbuste... | PC

Minecraft Documentary Producers Voluntarily Put Film On The Pirate Bay

580d ago - 2 Player Productions officially debuted its big gaming documentary this weekend on Mic... | PC

Watch the Rise of Mojang: Minecraft on Xbox LIVE this week

584d ago - Xbox LIVE Gold Members located in U.S., U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, France, Finlan... | PC

Minecraft for Xbox 360 will finally have 'The End'

592d ago - With plenty of additions coming to the latest update of Minecraft on the 360, there are only two... | Xbox 360

Minecraft to aid UN regeneration projects

606d ago - Development plans for 300 places around the world are being modelled in Minecraft so residents ca... | PC

Mojang management takes after Valve Software’s structure

607d ago - Mojang, the studio behind the insanely successful Minecraft, has shed some light on how the studi... | PC

'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' 0.5.0 Adds Zombie Pigmen, Nether Reactor, + More

626d ago - "Mojang has just sent off a pretty substantial update to Apple in the form of Minecraft: Pocket E... | Mobile

Indie Game Magazine: The Changing Face Of Gaming - 'Minecraft': The Most Played Game On Xbox Live

638d ago - Imagine, if you will, a time traveller with nothing better to do, going back and holding a meetin... | Xbox

The best Minecraft mod is the one we live in

654d ago - Developer Mojang is using its most popular game to improve people's lives in the real world. | Culture

Mojang offers an early look at new Minecraft patch

671d ago - Withers, Bats, Witches, and then some. Come find out what Mojang has in store for the Halloween-t... | PC

Mojang partners with UN-Habitat to form the 'Block By Block' initiative for urban redevelopment

687d ago - GameDynamo - Now, Mojang is kicking it up a notch (pun not intended), with their newest initiativ... | Culture

Are Indie Developers the Future of the Video Game Industry?

692d ago - With the rise of the indie movement and decline in mid-level games, will the next generation belo... | PC

Minecraft Xbox 360 Outselling PC, Mojang's Profits Set To Double

716d ago - Mojang raking it in from Minecraft's console port, as it gets set to reveal second year financial... | PC

Minecon 2012 Confirmed for Disney Land Paris

723d ago - Accelerated Ideas writes: After months and months of speculation, Minecon 2012 will be held in Pa... | PC

Notch: Windows 8 is "very, very bad for indie developers"

724d ago - Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang, has echoed Valve and Bliz... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Minecraft 1.3 Update - What I'm Particularly Excited About

724d ago - The Literate Noob - With the Minecraft update due to come out tomorrow, I decided to take one las... | PC

Minecraft creator Notch: ‘Mojang’s grown too large for the indie label’

724d ago - Mincraft creator Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson is the founder of indie studio Mojang – but should we rea... | PC

Canceled Mojang project was a first-person shooter

728d ago - Joystiq- Mojang, the studio in front of the man behind Minecraft, was working on a first-person s... | Industry

Minecraft 1.3 Pre-Release Available, New Video Contest

728d ago - While the official release of version 1.3 won’t be out for a few days, Minecraft players can get... | PC

Notch Extremely Frustrated With Uniloc Lawsuit

732d ago - Stick Skills: "Well it seems as if the latest attempt at grabbing some money by Uniloc has really... | PC