Dev of the Day : New World Interactive
  Interview with New World Interactive's Andrew Spearin

Valenka asked Andrew Spearin, Creative Director at New World Interactive, about the conception of Insurgency, the concept of realism, and platforms...

Mojang Articles  

Minecraft with Realistic Graphics?

197d ago - Would Minecraft retain it's same charm if the gameplay remained exactly the same but the graphics... | PC

Mojang expands its Minecraft virtual empire brick by brick

251d ago - FORTUNE -- Despite investing millions of dollars into LEGO Universe and attracting over 2 million... | PC

Top 10 Zombie Games for Kids

274d ago - As part of GamR Mag's 2013 Zombie Week event Christian Orkibi presents his list of the Top 10 Zom... | Culture

State of independence: An inside view of Minecraft developer Mojang

294d ago - Mojang is three years old, and according to Swedish tech news site IT24, it made pretax profits o... | Industry

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Top 5 DIY games on iPhone

310d ago - Quality Index examines the best build-your-own-fun games on iPhone | iPhone

Scrolls guide: How to play Mojang’s card combat game

369d ago - PC Gamer - If you’ve bought beta access to Scrolls, then you’ve no doubt figured out that it’s a... | PC

Does the World Really Need a ‘Minecraft 2′?

506d ago - With dozens of fan-created pictures and trailer around the internet, the question must be asked:... | Culture

Minecraft's city of Adamantis: one player, three months and sixty million blocks

515d ago - "The Minecraft community is an extraordinary thing and we get to see impressive, imaginative buil... | PC

Edge Developer Awards 2013: the top 50 studios working today

554d ago - Welcome to the Edge Developer Awards, a new, annual list of the best development studios in the w... | Industry

Indie Game Magazine: The Changing Face Of Gaming - 'Minecraft': The Most Played Game On Xbox Live

636d ago - Imagine, if you will, a time traveller with nothing better to do, going back and holding a meetin... | Xbox

Mojang offers an early look at new Minecraft patch

669d ago - Withers, Bats, Witches, and then some. Come find out what Mojang has in store for the Halloween-t... | PC

Are Indie Developers the Future of the Video Game Industry?

690d ago - With the rise of the indie movement and decline in mid-level games, will the next generation belo... | PC

Notch: Windows 8 is "very, very bad for indie developers"

721d ago - Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang, has echoed Valve and Bliz... | PC

Minecraft 1.3 Update - What I'm Particularly Excited About

722d ago - The Literate Noob - With the Minecraft update due to come out tomorrow, I decided to take one las... | PC

The Death of Console Multiplayer: Press Start to Join...

734d ago - There seems to be a veritable lack of innovative titles with offline multiplayer capabilities in... | Xbox 360

Feature: 5 Stages of Minecraft

739d ago - Anyone who has played Mojang’s crafting epic, will know that there is an awful lot to do, not to... | PC

First Look at Scrolls Alpha Release

747d ago - "Most people know of Scrolls because of its parent company—Mojang—which also brought us Minecraft... | PC

Minecraft and Me: What Your Survival World Can Tell You

747d ago - The Literate Noob - Minecraft is quite the challenge to the priorities of AAA developers, having... | PC

Why Does Minecraft Xbox Censor Signs?

776d ago - The censorship engine in Minecraft is on the loose. Why does it have to censor butts and farts le... | Xbox 360

Why Minecraft Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again

779d ago - Nightmare Mode explore some of the deeper implications of Minecraft's aesthetic, and ask if on a... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

How To Install Minecraft Snaphots

787d ago - Almost every week Mojang (the developers behind Minecraft) release a new snapshot of the game ont... | PC

Notch is Working on Something, It's Probably Educational

856d ago - BNR: The trouble is nobody knows quite what it is- but it'll probably teach you to program. | PC

Today in Gaming News – March 12, 2012

863d ago - After a long day of gaming announcements, rumours, reveals, and more, it's great to just sit back... | PC

Notch unveils the LEGO Minecraft toy set

887d ago - Quite a few custom photos of both Notch and his Mojang posse and the LEGO Minecraft toy set from... | PC

Minecraft, Intellectual Property, and the Future of Copyright

916d ago - Gamasutra: In mid-November, shortly after 4,000 Minecraft fans descended on Las Vegas for Minecon... | PC
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