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GamesBeat: Gunjack is a harrowing shooter that shows the value of Samsung’s Gear VR

6h ago | Review | GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes : If you already have a Gear VR headset, Gunjack is the kind of game you need to show your friends and family when you tell them how cool VR can be.

Clash of Kings - Review | Sirus Gaming PH

1d 13h ago | Review | Dave: "Clash of Kings is one structured strategy game but it lacks feature that would define it d...

VRFocus Review: Dodge This VR

1d 21h ago | Review | The gallery shooter genre is perhaps the most prolific on the newly released Gear VR, with the likes of Bandit Six and Romans From Mars 360 making...

Guitar Hero Live review: Breathing new life into the music game | MobileSyrup

1d 18h ago | Review | With Guitar Hero Live, Activision and Freestyle Games are attempting to revive a dead genre by focusing on what made it so popular in the first place: recreating the experience of playing a real g...

Lumino City: iOS Review and Puzzle Analysis | AppUnwrapper

1d 17h ago | Review | Appunwrapper writes: "State of Play's Lumino City checks off so many boxes that would make for th...

VRFocus Review: Nighttime Terror

1d 19h ago | Review | VR Bits’ Nighttime Terror came out of nowhere; a surprise announcement from the team that had built their reputation amongst the virtual reality (V...

VRFocus Review: Bandit Six

1d 21h ago | Review | Climax Studios’ Bandit Six has been one of the best selling titles on the Gear VR Innovator Edition throughout its relatively short lifespan, leadi...

Hearthstone: League of Explorers review [Pixel Dynamo]

5d ago | Review | The first wing of Hearthstone's latest adventure is out now! Is it worth Discovering? How will th...

Game of Thrones Episode 6: The Ice Dragon Review | TechRaptor

6d ago | Review | TechRaptor's Andrew Otton writes: "The final episode to Telltale’s first season of Game of Throne...
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