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From herobyclicking The cave was infested with the walking dead. Zombies controlled by the Aetherials. I summon my raven and hellhound and they... (27)
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Adorable new Chaos Dragon voice actress video released

10d ago - This Summer, Chaos Dragon will be released from SEGA. The game will be based on the upcoming TV a... | iPhone

Ice Ski Downhill looks awfully similar to Skiing Yeti Mountain

10d ago - Pocket Gamer reports on Campbell Tech's remarkably familiar downhill skiing game. | iPhone

'Monument Valley' Will Receive Final Chapter This Week

10d ago - The critically-acclaimed and gorgeous puzzler for mobile, Monument Valley, will receive its final... | iPhone

Leaving mobile behind: The indie developers heading back to PC

10d ago - GamesBeat spoke to three indie developers who paint a picture of a flooded mobile market that's s... | PC

Pokémon Jukebox Available for Android Devices

10d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Tired of firing up your old Game Boy Pocket just to hear classic Pokémon tunes? T... | Mobile

PS Vita vs. JXD S7800: Which Handheld Console is Best

10d ago - The handheld market has so many great systems, and the VitaBoys like to put them to the test. Thi... | Android

Why Fallout Shelter Is the Darkest Mobile Game Ever

11d ago - Bethesda's Fallout Shelter may be cleaning mobile, but here's Ed to explain why it's one of the d... | iPhone

Five MOBAs you never knew existed

11d ago - In the beforetimes, when Dota and LoL didn’t rule the world, these quaint games ran free and wild. | PC

Her Story: Spoiler-Free Review | AppUnwrapper

11d ago - Appunwrapper writes: "I had intended to clean my apartment yesterday. That did not happen. I real... | PC

Korean Star Kim Soo Hyun to Be the Star of New Mobile Game

11d ago - Soompi: "Soon, it seems, there will be no aspect of our daily lives that is without Korean star K... | iPhone

A Microcosm of Gaming Cultures

11d ago - The lone Asian writer for TDS has recently been to a local toys and comics convention, and he wil... | Nintendo DS

Dragon Warrior VII 3DS Fan-Translation Hit with Cease & Desist; Western Release Incoming?

11d ago - Square Enix has ordered a fan-translation of Dragon Warrior VII to come to a halt via a cease-and... | iPhone

Albion Online Announces Summer Alpha Date and New Video

11d ago - Sandbox Interactive announce Summer Alpha and reveal This Is Albion Online, a new video featuring... | PC

Android M shows Google playing catch up with iOS

12d ago - The new features in Android M broken down. | iPhone

iOS/Android Review – Til Morning’s Light [Zero1Gaming]

12d ago - Zero1Gaming takes a look at Amazon studio's game, 'Til Morning's Light' | iPhone

Australia bans more than 240 games in six months

12d ago - In the 20 years from 1995 to January 2015, there were 77 games Refused Classification in Australi... | Mobile

Five New Features in FIFA 16 Mobile Version

13d ago - FIFA 16 Mobile version of the new features: The game screen has improved significantly, increasin... | iPhone

From Install to Legend: All About Win Conditions

13d ago - Knowing Hearthstone win conditions is essential to playing any deck well. This core skill is abso... | PC

Season 15 Legend Paladin Midrange

13d ago - Paladin Midrange is extremely well positioned in the Hearthstone meta. | PC

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Available Free on the App Store

13d ago - Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, a game developed by Vivid Games, an action-adventure mobile game God... | iPhone

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Fallout Shelter Review | Continue Play

14d ago - Chris reviews Fallout Shelter, and we're pretty sure it's driven him slightly mad. He's now prett... | iPhone

Penguins, Plague And A Taste Of The Arcade In This Week's WEARVR Top Ten

14d ago - VRFocus reports on the post-E3 2015 WEARVR Top Ten chart, featuring two survivors from last week... | PC

Nintendo’s Stock Dropped Fairly Significantly After E3 2015 Digital Event

15d ago - This year’s Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event wasn’t quite the event that fans were hoping for. If y... | Wii U

House of Grudge: Walkthrough Guide

15d ago - AppUnwrapper writes: "House of Grudge is a new horror room escape/adventure game by Gameday, the... | iPhone

Exclusive Hands-on With Upcoming Action RPG Torchlight Mobile

15d ago - During the E3 2015 Gaming Show, Runic Games revealed the mobile version of Torchlight. The mobile... | iPhone