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Preview: Intro to VR for Gear VR [VRFocus]

7d ago - VRFocus - It’s widely known that Oculus VR consider the recently revealed Gear VR a stepping ston... | Android

Goat Simulator Tops 100,000 Downloads on iOS, Android

7d ago - It looks like quite a few gamers have taken their goats on the go over the past week. Goat Simula... | iPhone

Casual Monday: Game Dev Story

7d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Game Dev Story by Kairosoft Co. is a fun mobile game where you create and manage... | Mobile

Nvidia Shield Tablet Gameplay Demo

7d ago - Nvidia details the quality of PC games and Android games that can be played on the new Tegra K1-p... | Android

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Korean girl group Rainbow release sexy commercial for Legendary Chivalrous Fighter

7d ago - A new commercial has been released for the mobile game Legendary Chivalrous Fighter featuring sex... | iPhone

Branded breasts used to boost game sales in Vietnam

7d ago - People in Vietnam have recently been wondering about young women walking down Hanoi streets dress... | iPhone

Sony really, really wants you to buy an Xperia smartphone 【Tokyo Game Show】

7d ago - Rocketnews24: As well as hooking up a number of Xperia Z3 smartphones to PlayStation 4 consoles i... | PS4

Playing PS4 Games on your Smartphone - TGS 2014

7d ago - IGN's Brian Altano guides us through a Remote Play demo of a PS4 game on a mobile device. Does i... | PS4

Interview with Lucian Cotreanti for ‘FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’

7d ago - Interview with Lucian Cotreanti for EA Sports ‘FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’ mobile game. | iPhone

Carmack: Google Cardboard VR is 'a wonderful thing'

8d ago - VRFocus - There are plenty of mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) in th... | Android

Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair gets release date for PS4, Xbox One and other systems

8d ago - The Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair release date is revealed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One,... | PC

Kicked: CodeSpells, Poncho, and Phoenix Dawn

8d ago - Kicked is your weekly journey through the world of gaming on Kickstarter. Host Amy Elyse Brighter... | PC

Shallow Waters: Why You Shouldn't Dive In With Square Enix

8d ago - AUTOMATON's Graham Arthur reports on Square Enix' announcement of their new Dive In service at th... | Mobile

Carmack: Gear VR to See Regular Updates, New Models

8d ago - VRFocus - Oculus Rift's Crescent Bay prototype head-mounted display (HMD) might be the talk of th... | Android

Oculus Working on Avatar-Based Social Software for Gear VR

8d ago - VRFocus - Social virtual reality (VR) will undoubtedly be a huge pull for head-mounted displays s... | Android

ALONE Review - 8BitChimp

8d ago - ALONE, Laser Dog’s second and latest game in the App Store and Google Play, is probably the best... | iPhone

MotorSport Revolution Gets Launch Trailer

8d ago - VRFocus - Last week saw the Early Access release of a brand new virtual reality (VR) compatible r... | PC

Top iOS Random Loot Games

9d ago - With Destiny now released, I’ve received this sudden need to pick up and play any random loot gam... | iPhone

Noodlecake Studios Updates Wayward Souls, Releases Its Predecessor

9d ago - For those who have been enjoying Wayward Souls, the excellent rougelike developed by Noodlecake s... | iPhone

Cardboard Project - The Inexpensive Alternative To Virtual Reality

10d ago - A few Virtual Reality enthusiasts at Google decided to experiment a bit with projecting VR on sma... | Android

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Just Dance Now developer talks about the upcoming game

10d ago - Oliver Merlov, producer on Ubisoft's 'Just Dance Now', chats with News10's Barry White about the... | iPhone

FIFA 15 mobile focuses on Ultimate Team as 80% of users play just 2 modes

10d ago - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the mobile edition of the football franchise, features two modes this year... | Mobile

Humble Mobile Bundle 7 Updates With Three More Games: Hardcore Droid News

10d ago - Ah, the Humble Bundle, God’s gift to indie gaming. Pay what you want, support charity, and walk o... | iPhone

Notable New Release: Laserbreak | Hardcore Droid

10d ago - Puzzle games are the like the bread and butter of the mobile market. These games are perfect for... | Android

Bandit Six Dev: Gear VR is 'superior' to Oculus DK1

10d ago - VRFocus - While smartphones continue to grow in power and quality, many still question if they ca... | PC