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Pokémon GO Started Out as an April Fool's Joke

16h ago | News | The folks over at Niantic revealed how Pokémon GO actually came about from a very big practical joke several years ago.

Guardian Stone: Second War — Fabulous cheats, tips and tricks

1d 14h ago | Article | Guardian Stone: Second War is a turn-based role...

BattleHand — Heroic cheats, tips and tricks

2d ago | Article | BattleHand is a role-playing game for iOS and Android from Kongregate. In this game you have...

Privacy, Data Mining and Video Games - Is Big Brother Watching You?

1d 16h ago | Article | COG writes - Gaming companies are invading our privacy and collecting our information at every turn. What do you think they're going to do with it?

Is Peter Molyneux's Reputation Irreparably Tarnished?

5d ago | Opinion piece | Godus has re-emerged as Godus War on Steam's Early Access, but this article questions whether it'...

SuperPhillip Central: Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android) Review

2d ago | Review | Phil writes, "Rayman's previous mobile outings...

Towers, Personal Strife & TinyWars

1d 22h ago | Article | A chat with Bizurk Software about their upcoming Tower Defense outing,its promise of inspiri...

New Trailer for ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’ Celebrates Launch

2d ago | Trailer | TinyCo and Marvel have teamed up to bring MARVEL Avengers Academy to an app store near you. Both...

Is GameStop Showing Signs of Desperation?

6d ago | Podcast | Dan and Joe talk about the lack of enthusiasm towards PlayStation Plus free games, for the month...

Miitomo: Nintendo missing the mark with mobile gaming

5d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo recently shared the news that they’ll be releasing their first of five mobile games this...

Metro 2033 Wars: Born in the Dark Android review - TGG

4d ago | Review | As far as post-nuclear games go, I (David Lucas, The Gaming Ground) am most familiar with the Fal...

Top 15 Injustice Characters

2d ago | Opinion piece | WASDuk showcases the best 15 characters to use in Injustice Mobile

MARVEL Avengers Academy Details And Celebrity Voice News And Images

4d ago | Screenshot | Marvel's latest mobile game has a star-studded...

Top 4 Free Mobile Hot-Seat Multiplayer Games

2d ago | Opinion piece | Ashley from Bit Cultures writes: "Why four and not five? Because I don’t play by the rules,...

Rapala Daily Catch Lands on IOS and Android Devices Today

4d ago | News | GameMill Entertainment and Concrete Software ha...

An Interview With Andreas Olofsson From King

4d ago | Interview | To celebrate the release of Candy Crush Jelly Saga, we spoke with Andreas Olofsson from King to t...

Twofold, Inc. Review: Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? | AppUnwrapper

4d ago | Review | Appunwrapper writes: "Everyone has been calling Martin Jonasson's Twofold, Inc. "the new Threes!"...

Hearthstone: A New Way to Play

6d ago | News | Exciting changes are coming to the Tavern! We’re proud to announce that we’re introducing game formats to Hearthstone! Whether you’re just getting...

EP36: PAX South 2016 Recap

4d ago | Podcast | Co-host Taylor recaps his PAX South 2016 experience from last weekend, including his Intel R...

Monument Valley could be getting its own LEGO set

4d ago | News | The LEGO Ideas website, where users can submit their own ideas for the Danish block-makers c...

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars — Post-apocalyptic cheats, tips and tricks

4d ago | Article | Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a post-apocalyptic ro...

Crashlands: Review | AppUnwrapper

5d ago | Review | AppUnwrapper writes: "As I get older, I'm less inclined to let myself get pulled into long,...
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