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Batman Arkham Origins Review

13d ago - Batman has experienced quite the popularity boost as of late. He’s been the star of three excelle... | iPhone

WWE SuperCard: Tips and Trick to Win More Matches

15d ago - WWE SuperCard tips and tricks to win more matches. | iPhone

Top 5 Ambient Electronic Video Game Soundtracks

15d ago - The quality of soundtracks in modern games is completely off the charts. Here are some of the bes... | PC

Top 5 iOS Puzzle Games You May Never Have Heard Of

17d ago - Puzzle games are great - They are one of the best games for the mobile platform – they are easy t... | iPhone

Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

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How Soon Until The Next Hearthstone Expansion?

17d ago - The future of Hearthstone is an interesting journey to predict, especially in the midst of their... | PC

Is BioShock's Arrival on iOS the Start of A Host of PS3/360 Ports?

17d ago - 2K games, one of the famous subsidiaries of development giant Take-Two Interactive - who has alre... | Xbox 360

How Gaming Can Connect Us to Literary Masterpieces

17d ago - Have we lost touch with our cultural roots? In a society that lives life in the fast lane, we are... | iPhone

From Modern Combat 5 to See the Difference between Special Force and Mercenary

17d ago - In Modern Combat 5, Special Forces and Mercenaries can be seen everywhere. They appear to have th... | iPhone

Hearthstone: Naxxramas - Chatty's best card combinations (Plague/Military Quarter)

19d ago - Hearthstone is now three weeks into its Curse of Naxxramas expansion, with Blizzard adding even m... | Mobile

Why BioShock on iOS Isn’t the End of the World

20d ago - "When I first heard that BioShock was being ported to iOS, I joined the gaming community in letti... | iPhone

Top 5 best real-time online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad

21d ago - Here's what Pocket Gamer reckon are the Top 5 best real-time online multiplayer games for iPhone... | iPhone

It's International Cat Day - here are 12 of mobile gaming's best cats

21d ago - If you didn't know, today is International Cat Day, also known as: the best of days. Yep, that... | Nintendo DS

Radial-G : Racing Revolved – Kickstarter Post-Mortem Part 2

21d ago - VRFocus - As fans will surely know by now, virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racer Radial-G... | PC

Now Available: This Week’s Hot New Android Games

22d ago - Check out this week’s new Android games and updates. | Android

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Revisiting Rapture in Bioshock for iOS

23d ago - Nadia Oxford hasn't played BioShock since conquering the original release way back when, so the t... | iPhone

Bioshock's Soundtrack is Going to Creep You Out on iOS

23d ago - BioShock is creepy for many reasons. Its soundtrack is a big one. Here's why. | iPhone

Here are the classic Square Enix role-playing games you can play on mobile right now

24d ago - GamesBeat: We’ve detailed every mobile version of Square Enix’s RPG classics. | iPhone

Radial-G : Racing Revolved – Kickstarter Post-Mortem Part 1

24d ago - VRFocus - Few Kickstarter campaigns see as much of a commitment from its creators as Radial-G dev... | PC

BioShock for iOS is a Bad Idea... Or is it?

24d ago - Steven was pretty upset at first, hearing that one of his all-time favorite first-person shooters... | iPhone

The Settlers Online Arabic – First Ubisoft game dedicated to the Arabic World

25d ago - Ubisoft is one of the biggest video games editor in the world. Their games are so important in th... | PC

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post

Micromon Effect: How A Pokémon Clone Shows Why Nintendo Can’t Ignore Mobile

25d ago - Micromon, a shameless Pokemon clone, soared to the top of the App Store in less than a week, prov... | iPhone

Console Ports To Mobile Device Are Good For Gaming

25d ago - So as the years go on new gaming consoles are released replacing the old. Many of the games that... | iPhone

Press Start to play: The end of splitscreen gaming

26d ago - In these days of super-fast broadband and world-wide connectivity, it's possible to go toe-to-toe... | PS4

What the world needs is not just a selfie phone, but more selfie video games

27d ago - Microsoft's new phone, designed specifically for people who like to take photographs of themselve... | Mobile

The Best Mobile and Tablet Games of July 2014

28d ago - Game Mob's top 10 games of July for your iPhone, iPad, and Android. | iPhone