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Casual Monday: Monument Valley

17d ago - We know how it is. You worked hard for your 10:1 KDR, but sometimes, you just want to take five,... | iPhone

Free Android Games October 2014 Week 2

17d ago - Free Play Weekly: The latest free android games for the 2nd week of October 2014 | Android

Free iOS Games October 2014 Week 2

17d ago - App Store Updates : The latest free iOS games for the 2nd week of September 2014 | iPhone

The Best and Worst Alien Games

18d ago - Some of them are great and some of them make us cringe. Here are the high and low points of the A... | PS2

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The Self-Imposed Roadblock of Katamari

19d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Even with a bottomless reserve of charm, Katamari has reached a roadblock, one th... | PSP

Console Review: Blaze Gear Retro Handheld - The Games Cabin

20d ago - "Have a hankering for some old-school gaming? Maybe the Blaze Gear handheld console will satisfy... | Mobile

World Cyber Arena: Where eSports Meets Mobile

21d ago - The World Cyber Arena is taking place in China this weekend where teams are playing Dota 2, Heart... | PC

Is Destiny Playable On A Smartphone?

21d ago - Remote Play is a mobile app compatible with the PlayStation 4 that lets you play your games on a... | Mobile

There Are WAY Too Many Assassin’s Creed Games

21d ago - Entertainment Fuse: I actually laughed when I heard there was a new Assassin’s Creed game coming... | PC

Dead Trigger 2 ITHACA Tour starts today – Ready, set, survive

21d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The Dead Trigger 2 ITHACA Tour starts today, offering Android and iOS game... | Mobile

Throwback Thursday: The (Not Quite) Greatness of Nokia's N-Gage

22d ago - A look back at the not really very good at all Nokia N-Gage. | Mobile

Five Games You Play When You Get A Brand New Phone

22d ago - "Getting a new phone is hardly on the same level as putting together a new PC gaming rig, but whe... | iPhone

Is Mojang Releasing Scrolls on iPad for Just $5 Wise?

23d ago - Mojang has revealed that when it's collectible card battling game Scrolls comes to tablets, it wi... | Android

Sense of Wonder Night: Innovative Games at TGS

24d ago - "Sense of Wonder Night is an annual part of the Tokyo Game Show that celebrates innovation in gam... | PC

Welcome to EGX: The event that highlights the growing indie vs triple-A console divide

24d ago - The walls between mobile and tablet and other platforms – streaming platforms, micro-consoles, sm... | PC

Newest Angry Birds Series Angry Birds Transformers coming soon on iOS and Google Play

28d ago - Having fun playing Angry Birds? I have some good news for you Angry Birds lovers. Developer Rovio... | iPhone

5 Things Microsoft Needs to Do with Minecraft

28d ago - Twinfinite writes: By now, the news has settled in and, to the surprise of some, Microsoft hasn’t... | PC

High risk, (maybe) high reward: Devs bet big on VR’s success at Oculus Connect

28d ago - GamesBeat: Despite the lack of a release date for the Oculus Rift, developers sounded excited abo... | PC

Minecraft: Diary of a Total Newbie, Part 1

29d ago - "I've always been curious about Minecraft. I have kind of an addictive personality when it comes... | PC

'Billionaire.' Mobile Game Tips and Tricks to Make it Rich

29d ago - By the makers of Icon Pop Quiz, is a new wealth building simulation called Billionaire. Your goal... | iPhone

PS4 Game Release Dates

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How Disney’s Mobile Cash Grab is Tarnishing the ‘Star Wars’ Name for Gaming

30d ago - There was a time when Lucasarts was one of the most revered and respected names in gaming. In the... | Mobile

After Vita, where does Sony's handheld development go?

30d ago - GGG debates what platforms Sony might release low-budget, mobile-friendly games should they decid... | PS4

Free iOS Games September 2014 Week 4

31d ago - App Store Updates : The latest free iOS games for the 4th week of September 2014 | iPhone

Free Android Games September 2014 Week 4

31d ago - Free Play Weekly: The latest free android games for the 4th week of September 2014 | Android

Casual Monday: Game Dev Story

32d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Game Dev Story by Kairosoft Co. is a fun mobile game where you create and manage... | Mobile