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FUN Censors TotalBiscuit's Guise Of The Wolf Review

726d ago ... Well, here we go again, only it’s Day One: Garry’s Incident times ten. Many people on N4G would at least have an understanding of who TotalBiscuit, AKA The Cynical Brit (real name John Bain), is. His YouTube channel, The Cynical Brit, is probably THE PC gaming channel on YouTube, with well over one million subscribers and a very large fan base. He commentates a lot of Starcraft 2 and MLG eve...

Why hasn't the U.S. embraced e-Sports?

1573d ago ... America, home of the free and land of the.....competitive. America for just about everything it takes as a hobby or sport is one of the most competitive places in the world. So why is it that the U.S. has yet to embrace what is probably the most competitive scene in a worldwide scale outside of the Olympics. That scene? e-Sports. Outside of the Olympics and World Cup Soccer there is nothing...
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