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A lack of competition is bad for sports games

256d ago - 2K’s cancellation of its MLB series leaves The Show with no rival, which isn’t a good thing, as h... | PC

Major League Baseball 2k13 review | Gaming Precision

375d ago - MLB 2k13 is a mess of a sports title that further supports the misconception that all sports titl... | Xbox 360

The Daily Five: The Worst Licensed Games of 2013

424d ago - "Video games can also be a quick and easy way to throw away dozens of your hard-earned dollars at... | PC

MLB 2K13 Review | GameDynamo

476d ago - GameDynamo - "I was really excited to see the virtual form of my 2013 Boston Red Sox. Unfortunate... | Xbox 360

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

'MLB 2K13' challenges you to be perfect, with all 30 MLB teams

531d ago - Over the past handful of years, the "MLB 2K" series has become synonymous with their yearly milli... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | GameInformer

543d ago - GameInformer: "MLB 2K13 is one of the most embarrassing whiffs I’ve seen." | Xbox 360

IGN- MLB 2K13 Review

546d ago - IGN:Even on its own, ignoring that it's a carbon-copy of last year's version, MLB 2K13 is a disap... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | OXM

550d ago - OXM: "When it came down to tossing wicked 12-6 curve balls and swinging for the fences, we still... | Xbox 360

A Day With MLB 2K13

550d ago - Game Informer - Every day my coworkers ask me how my MLB 2K13 is coming along. When I start talki... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | post it gamer

551d ago - Jess from states "MLB 2K13 is essentially a roster update. That’s not to say it’s... | Xbox 360

Game On!: MLB 2K13 vs. The Show

552d ago - The Final Points JD Luca does a head to head review of the MLB games this year 2K13 and the show:... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | XboxAddict

554d ago - XboxAddict: " It’s never a good sign when the gaming community has no information on what games a... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | About

556d ago - About: "This year's game is almost identical to last year's MLB 2K release, complete with inferio... | PS3

Major League Baseball 2K13 Review -

557d ago - From "Was MLB 2K13 doomed from the start? Up until a few months ago, there was... | Xbox 360

NYPost- MLB 2K13 Review

557d ago - NYP:It’s not surprising that there was very little fanfare leading up to the release of MLB 2K13,... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | VGU.TV

557d ago - Zac Davis takes a look at the latest installment of the MLB 2K series. | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review: Shameless | Joystiq

559d ago - Joystiq: "As much as other series attempt to advance the genre in new and exciting directions, th... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 my player guide

559d ago - GamesRadar - It’s every baseball fan’s dream to play for a Major League team one day, and with th... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13 Review | Gamespot

559d ago - Gamespot - MLB 2K13 is a complete and utter retread with all the appeal of used chewing gum. | Xbox 360

Major League Baseball 2K1213: The Kotaku Review

562d ago - Kotaku: "Major League Baseball 2K13 is an offensively recycled product and an embarrassment to sp... | Xbox 360

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post

Gamesradar- MLB 2K13 Review

563d ago - GR:It’s sad to watch a once-proud franchise struggle. In years past, the MLB 2K series was a hall... | Xbox 360

Major League Baseball 2K13 Review (

564d ago - Hold off on a purchase...we've seen it all before. | Xbox 360

2K Bundles NBA and MLB together (wtf?)

565d ago - What one earth would make 2k decide to release this combo pack when they cannot even fix the bugs... | PC

Pastapadre: MLB 2K13 Isn’t Just 2K12 With a Roster Update…It’s Less Than That

565d ago - After putting out no information on anything new or improved for MLB 2K13 it has been discovered... | Xbox 360

MLB 2K13/NBA 2K13 combo pack boxart

568d ago - Take a look at the combo pack boxart for MLB 2K13/NBA 2K13. | Xbox 360
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