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Yesterdays Games Are Todays Corporate Cash Cows, A Thank You To Indie Developers

710d ago ... Have you ever been playing a game and just stop to think, this game really isnt any different than the games I played last gen, or the gen before? Sure, the visuals may have improved, but the gameplay hasnt changed. Call Of Duty hasnt evolved, it is just prettier. The same could be said for 99% of games released in the past 10 years. Very little innovation, just repetition. It seems the game in...

Mirrors Edge Cancellation

1823d ago ... It is sad to see this innovative game (at the time) not get a second chance. The sales may have been poor the first time around but what a game! It definitely was not my top pick of the year but after being hooked on it for a few weeks I realized how there were no other games out there like it. Yes the word "innovative" got tossed around a lot (see above). But it seems like there are just so ma...
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