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Mini Ninjas Reviews  

TouchGen: Mini Ninjas Review

947d ago - TouchGen: I cringed when I saw the name ‘Mini Ninjas’ on the iOS release list. Not because Mini N... | iPhone

Mini Ninjas Review - Zero1gaming

971d ago - Oliver Smith reviews Mini Ninjas for Zero1gaming and discusses its ability to entertain | iPhone

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WiiDS: Mini Ninjas Review

2186d ago - It does get a lot of things wrong, but those problems aren't entirely insurmountable. It's a thr... | 5

NWR: Mini Ninjas Review

2203d ago - Admittedly, the DS version of Mini Ninjas does have its flaws. Its controls aren't seamless, espe... | 5

De Telegraaf: Mini Ninjas (DS, Xbox 360) Review

2215d ago - De Telegraaf writes: "Develop IO Interactive Studio is best known for the bloody and violent... | 2,5

GameKult Review: Mini Ninjas

2221d ago - GameKult: Not especially remarkable on PC, Mini Ninja is back on a DS version signed Magic Pocket... | 5

Kombo: Mini Ninjas Review

2231d ago - Kombo writes: "Mini Ninjas for the DS has it all. It's got fun platforming segments, RPG ele... | 5

AtomicGamer: Mini Ninjas DS Review

2240d ago - Like aliens, commandos and renegade cops, ninjas are some of the most overused video game charact... | 5

Nintendojo: Mini Ninjas DS Review

2244d ago - Overall, there is a good deal to like about Mini Ninjas. It's clever, deep, and offers a nice ble... | 5

IGN: Mini Ninjas Review

2255d ago - IGN was hoping the DS version would be as quality a game as the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360... | 5

PSU: Mini Ninjas Review

2255d ago - Not too long ago, a videogame geared towards children would almost automatically mean it was noth... | 1,2,3,5,12

Resolution: Mini Ninjas review

2255d ago - Resolution writes: "Mini Ninjas' most vivid and beautiful passages are too fleeting to be of... | 1,2,3,5,12

HookedGamers review: Mini Ninjas

2256d ago - HookedGamers writes: "Ninjas are hot. Small Ninjas are cute, or at least meant to be. So, is... | 5

The perfect gateway game? - G&M reviews Mini Ninjas

2257d ago - Have a game-loving kid who's at that tricky age of being old enough to crave something more from... | 1,2,3,5,12

ConnectedConsoles: Mini Ninjas Review

2262d ago - ConnectedConsoles: For many, Mini Ninjas would be a miss. Yet, from the day i saw the first scree... | 1,2,3,5

Gamer Limit Review: Mini Ninjas

2264d ago - Gamer Limit writes: "In an era where shovelware and casual action titles are developed for e... | 1,2,3,5,12

GamerDad Review: Mini Ninjas

2264d ago - Gamerdad writes: "As Hiro, you'll do everything a 3-D video game ninja is expected to d... | 1,2,3,5,12

IncGamers: Mini Ninjas DS Review

2264d ago - James Chalmers has a look at Mini Ninjas DS for IncGamers. "Essentially the title is sp... | 5

GamesRadar: Mini Ninjas Review

2268d ago - It's all very well fitting most of a console game onto a handheld but who, exactly, wants to spen... | 5

Mini Ninjas (DS) Review at CheatCC

2269d ago - CheatCC says, "Mini Ninjas on DS is an incredible disappointment. There are clearly some gre... | 5

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Guardian: Mini Ninjas Review

2279d ago - Guardian writes: "From the developer that brought you the Hitman series - in which shaven-he... | 1,2,3,5,12
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Mini Ninjas

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