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User Review : Minecraft

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Review: Minecraft (PC, Mac)

Minecraft has gained lots of ground in the PC market, considering it was originally an indie game. Is the game actually that good though? We put the game to the test in the first Gamerstorm video review.

Video Review:

Written review:


Minecraft is one of the few games that doesn’t strive for graphics, but instead goes for other features such as creativity.

The whole point of Minecraft is in the title, you mine and you craft. There are also other features in the game, such as exploring and online mode, but mining and crafting are the main features of the game. Minecraft is the go anywhere, do anything of games. There is essentially no story to the game, instead offering players with an unlimited stream of content.


Minecraft presents itself as a current generation, 8-bit game with a twist. The graphics are 8-bit but all environments are 3-D. This gives a new dimension to classic 8-bit games, and really makes the game stand out amongst other current generation games.

Characters in the game, including animals and monsters, are also 8-bit. This makes each character unique from other games. A cool feature also included, is that you can open up any image manipulation software, and create your own character skin. You can then use these skins in both single player and online modes.

Lasting Appeal

If you are a very creative person, Minecraft could last you well over a year with daily play. If you are not very creative, then this game might only last you a good 3 weeks. The online mode adds a lot of life into Minecraft, because without the online mode, Minecraft’s lasting appeal would be significantly shorter. This game is not for the light hearted people of creation, and I only recommend it to people who are willing to spend at least 5 hours of gameplay at a time creating spectacular things.


Minecraft is an unbelievable game, which separates itself from the current slab of First Person Shooter games. Minecraft breathes life into the repetative game industry of today, and I hope that this is a sign of good things to come. At the time of this review, the game was in beta, and sold for $15. When the full game is out, it will be selling for $20. To visit the game website, visit .

Fun Factor
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Crazyglues2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I Love this Review... Nice job Player... -:) & CooL Avatar, it's the reason I decided to read your review.. I saw the avatar and it made me LoL, so I decided to read your Review.. Nice Job..

-I was wonder what this game was about? -and you seem to have covered it really well.

||.........___||.......____|| -GAMER

kancerkid2618d ago

How do you review a BETA?

Crazyglues2618d ago

I don't get it, what's wrong with reviewing a beta???

It's just a preview of what's to come.. Don't we get Preview reviews all the time on games.. like the Killzone3 demo review.. the bad company 2 demo review..

It's just his opinion on how the game feels in it's beta stage.. (maybe I don't understand because I've never played this)

kancerkid2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Why don't teachers grade drafts of papers?

Edit: I think it is fine to write about your experiences of a demo or a beta. Guess what you usually call them? Impressions. If you do not have full access to the full version of a game, you can not review and are being disingenuous labeling your story as such.

Again, don't rate the beta/demo, write up an impressions article.

PPS I played BFBC2 demo more than 90% of people play most games, and I do not see how I could review that, since you did not have access to all unlockables and thus it was only a taste of the game.

Good debate though, happy to hear other opinions.

Wenis2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

When a game is in Beta form, it means all the features of the game are set in stone and no new features are going to be added. Beta essentially means they are just looking and fixing bugs. So if you can accept there are going to be bugs and not let the bugs affect the review, I don't see why one can't review a beta.

also there is a different between beta's and demos. Demo is usually just the partial game while a beta can be the full game, which in Minecraft's case it is.

HornyHaggis2619d ago

It is a generally good game considering it was made by one guy with limited resources. However, most people agree on the fact that once you've built your mansion, created a mob killing machine and seen all the limited landscapes that are available the game gets old quickly.

Also, for those who say "just explore! there's mountains and rivers and ca- yes. I understand there are different terrains but they are all generated from a basic, limited list of geometry types. The only times that something looks odd or interesting is normally when - ironically - there are faults in the generation tool and even then there is still limited variation.

lex-10202618d ago

I think the reason Minecraft is such a popular game is because of the vast amount of user support. Go onto youtube and search for escapecraft. The things people can make in minecraft are limitless. I think that is the reason why people are so impressed by it. Much like Little Big Planet

Wenis2617d ago

Yep. Even servers have certain mods/plugins which essentially make it an entirely different game. Some servers rely heavily on PVP while others rely almost entirely on creating a massive city.

bozebo2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

"Minecraft (PC, Mac)"

and linux, and any other standard java capable OS.....

bluegreenman2615d ago

Minecraft is amazing :D but i wish they would implement some type of experience system and challenges or something. give people a reason to keep coming back. :)