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Block Story Preview – A great recipe that needs more time to cook. | Gamer Horizon

157d ago - Block Story adds an RPG layer to the Minecraft formula, resulting in a game with great potential. | PC

Front Towards Gamer -- Minecraft: Skyrim Edition -- First Look

347d ago - Minecon attendant, Kyle Hanson, got to take a look (video form as well) at the repurposed Minecra... | Xbox 360

Pocket Gamer: What Minecraft, Ravensword, Tiny Tower, and more look like on iPhone 5

767d ago - Pocket Gamer: Right now, scores of iOS developers are hastily deploying updates to make sure thei... | iPhone

Get a Kickstart on Survival with Bonus Chests

876d ago - We may be seeing bonus chests in a future edition of Minecraft. The feature, included in the late... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Games of May Preview - Horrible Night

899d ago - Horrible Night previews the new releases of May which may be lean in numbers, but still pack the... | PC

OXM: Minecraft Xbox 360 Hands On - "It's Neolithic in there"

913d ago - OXM's Edwin describes his first night in Minecraft: "Much of the time, Minecraft is a deeply terr... | PC

PAX East: Minecraft (XBLA) Hands-on Preview [DigitalNoob]

927d ago - Andrew writes: "To me, Minecraft is by far the best game I've played on the PC along with frie... | Xbox 360

Minecraft for Xbox 360 Preview | Leviathyn

928d ago - Minecraft is a craze and having it on more and more devices just equals money. With over 5.5 mill... | Xbox 360

PAX East 2012 – Hands-On: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Loud Mouthed Gamers)

929d ago - Loud Mouthed Gamers: "It takes awhile to get used to it, but the level of functionality on the Xb... | Xbox 360

Minecraft 360: “We’ve done a lot of work under the hood”

949d ago - We’re getting close to the release of the 360 version of Minecraft, and Microsoft and Mojang are... | Xbox 360

Minecraft Character Bonuses Teased

1123d ago - Recently Mojang developer Jens Bergensten broadcasted an image of what the eventual character bon... | PC

Minecraft Beta Preview | Esperino

1143d ago - Minecraft. If you haven’t played it you’ve heard of it. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s the lo... | PC

Pocket Gamer - Hands-on with Minecraft for DS, with homebrew version DScraft

1156d ago - Pocket Gamer - In many ways, indie phenomenon Minecraft is a lot like Angry Birds. Well, maybe... | Nintendo DS

Pocket Gamer's hands-on with Minecraft for Xperia Play

1235d ago - In case you haven't played it, Minecraft is an ostensibly simple world-creation tool in which you... | Android

GB.CO - Minecraft 1.6 Beta Patch Preview

1251d ago - Notch has just confirmed on his twitter that we’ll be seeing the much anticipated Minecraft 1.6 p... | PC

Hype: Scrolls

1331d ago - Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, have just recently announced their new game called Scrolls. It... | PC

Minecraft (PC) Strategy Guide

1332d ago - SegmentNext - "Minecraft is a wonderful piece of design, but one of its biggest failings takes th... | PC

GameZebo - Minecraft Preview

1358d ago - GameZebo - If you were to ask an avid indie gamer what they believe to be the most important indi... | PC

Game Interface Preview: Minecraft (PC)

1370d ago - If you own a PC and are at all interested in gaming, by now you’ve probably heard of Minecraft. T... | PC

Exclusive preview of the Minecraft Halloween update at IndieGames.com

1457d ago - IndieGames.com: "The biggest Minecraft update is a long while goes live on October 31st. It's a H... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Minecraft webcomic, Nerd³ to get an iOS app

1463d ago - The guys over at Movura Labs are currently working hard on an official Nerd³ iOS app! “We abso... | PC

Minecraft - AllAboutTheGames Hands-on

1487d ago - AATG writes: "A friend sent out a tweet today asking if anyone was playing Minecraft, and what sh... | PC

Crispy Gamer: Minecraft Preview

1575d ago - Crispy Gamer: Minecraft is the greatest little online game you’ve never played. Well, unless your... | PC
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