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E3 2015 Roundup

16d ago ... With E3 here and gone we are left in the wake of all the big news that was announced at the numerous conferences. What we aim for in this article is to sum up as much as we can. After having watched a full day worth of light shows, loud music and the odd new game here and there, the tiredness kicked in - after all the Sony conference was at 2am..... - this years E3 was all about the games,...

Christmases of Gaming Past

192d ago ... While I was watching my niece and nephew play Minecraft over these past few weeks, I couldn't help but look back at how gaming has changed as I helped them explore and build. The first gaming device my family ever had was an original pong system that was hooked up to a small nine inch black and white television via alligator clips connected to a UHF receiver. To play against each other we w...

Microjang - The $2 Billion Minecraft Revelation

298d ago ... "Developer Mojang looks set to be sold to Microsoft for $2 billion dollars, but founder and Minecraft creator Markus Persson won't be staying." These are the kind of headlines making news today, and likely leading till we eventually get the final deal or no deal announcement. And quite simply wow, under the hype of the colossal release of Destiny, which has just surpassed $500m in revenue si...

A Gamer/Game Dev's Opinion of the Game Industry in 2014

366d ago ... [b]By Chris Chung, [i]Catlateral Damage[/i][/b] I’ve been a gamer for the majority of my life. I grew up with Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Pokémon Blue and have been playing games ever since. I’ve been immersed in gaming culture for the past 15 years, have been working in the industry for the last 2 years, and I’m now beginning my career as an indie game developer creating my...

Indie Game Stories #1 How People Look At Indies

470d ago ... Introduction This is a series of “stories” on the game industry and other various things that we have to go through, if you want to be an indie developer I heavily suggest reading these. If you’re not but are interested in what’s going on in it then read, but if you have no interest in gaming whatsoever then please leave. Just like with everything else I do, I base everything on facts and n...

Post E3, My Thoughts On The Eighth Generation of Gaming

747d ago ... Yeah, I know, all the hatred toward the Xbox One must be getting pretty tired now (and with all due respect, I commend the Xbox fans who put up with it), but with E3 having passed, I thought I would weigh in my thoughts on E3 and what may come from the rest of this very young generation. Microsoft's E3 conference was... not bad. It truly was not. People demanded games from Microsoft, and whi...

And This Years Champion Is....

755d ago ... The E3 press conferences are over. Nintendo didn't have the traditional press conference, option for a Nintendo Direct. Microsoft had their press conference first, then much later on Sony had there's. If you watched both conferences, then the winner should be quite obvious. Sony absolutely dominated E3. With a conference of 2 hours, Sony spent a bare minimum of time talking about non-gaming...

My hopes for the Sony E3 press conference.

760d ago ... It is now only five days until E3. With almost every publisher announcing something big as well as the next gen consoles being shown this might be the best e3 yet. My hopes for the conference is that Sony will show a LOT of games. Not just more gameplay off the titles they have already announced but new games that haven't been announced like Quantic Dream's, GG's and ND's new IP. Saying th...

Why indies are going to matter now more than ever

772d ago ... As rumors swirl around and as we get more glimpses into the almost-always-online future of the Xbox One, people are a bit bothered by the possibility that this is simply the way future gaming is going to be. Unfortunately, that's what happens when Microsoft reveals a so-called "console" and almost completely ignores games. It doesn't inspire confidence that gaming is going to be the focus in...

Why Sony's indie initiative means big things for the future

826d ago ... I don't know about you, but I got pretty geeked out after GDC this year. Why? I'm excited about all the games coming to my Vita. Now, I've been happy with the system so far. I bought it only a few months ago, since it's my policy to wait a year or so before buying a system. It helps avoid the "1st year lull" that is all too common with many videogame systems. But after seeing the games Sony has...

I was right! NGP-PSP2

1619d ago ... This is a blog purely showing off I was right on quite a lot of the points I made with my blog on the PSP2's supposed features. http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/raendom/516210 I said it could possibly include Android, I said it wouldn't use TEGRA, I said it would focus on the hardcore market, I said it'd have console-esque power, I said they'd be going with their own Android-Store; I pretty m...
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