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MineCraft Review | BeerGamesCaffeine

4d ago - BeerGamesCaffeine takes an indepth look at MineCraft. | Xbox 360

The Minekandla Report: The 8-bit Pixel Protector investigates unauthorised use of City Textures

5d ago - (Parody) El33tonline writes: "The following is a report submitted by the special 8-bit Pixel P... | Xbox 360

Interface Culture: On Narrative & Video Games

9d ago - Entropy Writer Janice Lee talks about the intersection between narratives in gaming, experimental... | Culture

Five Memorable Video Game Sunrise Moments

13d ago - Mike from Twinfinite writes, "I’m of the belief that a sunrise is one of the most miraculous and... | PS2

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Game of Thrones Theme Created in Minecraft

14d ago - In the gaming world, April Fools Day is one of the best times of the year to have even more fun t... | PC

The Daily Five: Greatest Minecraft Creations

14d ago - "Since its launch, players of the game have been hard at work on new mods and creations to blow e... | PC

The 8 games that last forever

15d ago - BT Games: "Most games have an ending; a limit to their structure. But some just go on forever. He... | Culture

25 Groundbreaking Indie Games

15d ago - From Bastion to Minecraft, games™ compiles a collection of the most game changing indie titles of... | Nintendo DS

Free-To-Play Meets Build It Yourself

19d ago - From EGMR, "My thought pattern revolves around free-to-play and it has the potential to allow pla... | Culture

The godfathers of indie gaming

21d ago - BT Games: "We take a look at the six titles that have changed and modernised indie gaming as we k... | PC

Minecraft PS4 - Will Better Sales Push The Release Date Earlier?

31d ago - The latest sales report revealed by Sony confidently claims that their next gen console is leadin... | PS4

5 Reasons Why the Minecraft Movie Will Be a Huge Success

35d ago - Video game movies are nothing new. From House of the Dead to Resident Evil, from flop to smash, m... | Culture

5 overrated games of the last generation

36d ago - GamersFTW writes: "Ah, games. Some games are underrated, some games are overrated. Today, we’re g... | PC

5 immensely abused game mechanics

43d ago - If you've ever played against other people, you have probably fallen victim to some trollish acts... | Culture

Temple of Doomed – Adapting Video Games to the Silver Screen

44d ago - Why is it that movie adaptations of games are always, without fail, so terrible? And why do they... | Culture

Could a ‘Minecraft’ Movie Be a Hit?

45d ago - In most cases, making a feature film based on a video game isn't a great idea. While it's possibl... | Culture

Minecraft: What is Attack of the B-Team?

46d ago - Many things are readily apparent from the early moments of a new game such as morphing into the s... | PC

Eight Awesome Features Mojang Should Add to Minecraft

47d ago - BagoGames - Thanks to Mojang‘s continued support through free updates and patches, Minecraft is a... | PC

7 games that should be films (but won’t be)

47d ago - BT Games: "Think Lego’s move from toy to video game to big screen was weird? We’ve got a few more... | Culture

21 iOS and Android tablet games like 'Minecraft'

52d ago - "If the best you can do is imitate, you might as well imitate the best." | iPhone

Contests For N4G Members

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Seven Embarrassingly Incompetent Video Game Villains

53d ago - Leviathyn.com | You win some, you lose some. In the case of these seven villains, you tend to los... | PC

10 Games That Ruin Friendships

58d ago - Gamemoir takes a look at games that have caused their fair share of arguments and broken controll... | Culture

10 Games For Single People on Valentine’s Day

62d ago - "You’ve been anticipating this day for months - February 14. Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve approa... | Culture

The Spawn of the Open World Survival Genre

64d ago - OnlySP: Survive. That’s your objective: you don’t have to save the world, you don’t have to kill... | PC

The Minecraft Paradox – Or Why Minecraft Is Terrible

70d ago - This has been something difficult for me to wrap my head around for some time, just what constitu... | Culture
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