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Minecraft Opinion Pieces  

Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games Ever… And it’s Not What You’d Think

8d ago - When a modern gamer thinks of the best multiplayer games they have ever played many might think b... | Culture

Some of the Best Family Friendly YouTubers and Streamers

9d ago - From MMOGames: "..with an abundance of new, smarter and younger gamers entering the fold came the... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Can the Minecraft Education Edition Lead the Way for other MMOs

9d ago - There is no denying that Minecraft has sparked a revolution in online gaming, but it has also spa... | Industry

Five of the Best Video Game Soundtracks You Don't Have to Be a Gamer to Enjoy

10d ago - VICE: This isn't a top five gaming soundtracks ever sort of list or anything like that. Rather, i... | Culture

10 Games That Are Basically Just Minecraft

10d ago - Minecraft has become one of the most popular video games in the world. Here are ten games that ar... | PC

Have Ripoffs Out-Minecrafted Minecraft?

11d ago - Should we dig deep and find out if Minecraft's still got it? | Culture

State of Play – Microsoft’s First Party Studios – Part 1

13d ago - The first part of Player2's in depth look at Microsoft's first part development studios. | Xbox One

20 Things All Parents Of Minecraft-Obsessed Kids Will Understand

18d ago - WC: When they start watching Minecraft porn, it's time to step in. | Culture

Why Minecraft: Education Edition is the Way Forward

18d ago - Microsoft will unleash the Minecraft: Education Edition this Summer and could see the educational... | PC

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Best Seed Collection

19d ago - Check out this list of seeds for the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. Be it a good starter world or o... | Xbox One

5 Crazy Impressive Minecraft Creations That Seemed Impossible

21d ago - Twinfinite: Minecraft has been around for awhile now, and as a game that prides itself on creati... | Minecraft

10 Best Survival Video Games

27d ago - Can you handle the toughest, trendiest genre in gaming? | Minecraft

8 Oculus Rift games too look out for in 2016

30d ago - TR: Now we know how much an Oculus Rift (and a suitably powerful PC to go with it) will cost, th... | PC

Awesome Minecraft Furniture Ideas That will Blow you Mind

31d ago - Minecraft furniture ideas are all the rage. Why? Because Minecraft is one of the most addicting g... | PC

Easy Platinum Trophies Every Hoarder Should Have

32d ago - Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "The introduction of any trophy system seemed very shallow whe... | PS3

10 Times When Permadeath Made the Game Even Better

36d ago - Permadeath. The fastest way to amp any game up to 11. | PC

The very best Minecraft texture packs to explore

40d ago - One of the best things about the hit game known as Minecraft is that it is heavily customizable.... | PC

Top V Achievement Hunter Let's Play Videos of 2015

43d ago - What are the best Achievement Hunter Let's Play Videos of 2015? | Xbox 360

505 Games On Bringing Terraria To Nintendo Consoles And Facing Off Against Minecraft

48d ago - With Terraria on the 3DS, Minecraft on Wii U and Terraria coming to Wii U soon, there's arguably... | Wii U

Should You Buy Minecraft? (Wii U)

51d ago - NWR: Or just play one of the seven other versions you already have? When Minecraft launches o... | Xbox 360

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Double Take: The Real Problem With Minecraft on the Wii U

52d ago - "Oftentimes, I do not understand a lot of the criticism regarding Wii U ports. More often than no... | Wii U

Minecraft on Wii U — Too Little Too Late or a Miracle in Disguise?

56d ago - One common factor that has been a part of the Wii U’s life since the very beginning, is late rele... | Wii U

What Is the Greatest Indie Game of the Modern Era?

57d ago - Two of VICE Gaming's writers debate this question, and discuss indie games in general, for your... | Culture

What Gamers Want for the Week of 12-14-15: New Video Game Releases

58d ago - EB: It’s another light week of new video game releases this week, but maybe you can find a gem in... | PC

Double Take: Minecraft Wii U Could be Huge with Nintendo IPs Involved

61d ago - Could Nintendo use characters like Mario to make Minecraft Wii U extra special? | Wii U
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