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  Q-Games' John Davis on PixelJunk, Nom Nom Galaxy and T-Shirts

Hi, I'm John Davis, Q-Games Community Manager and Assistant Producer on the latest PixelJunk title, Nom Nom Galaxy! We're honored to be part of the...

Minecraft Articles  

This Chart is Your Handy Guide To Minecraft's Hostile Mobs

2d ago - Chart illustrates the baddies of Minecraft. | PC

These are the most anticipated Vita games in 2014

2d ago - It is obvious that Sony have changed their approach to the Vita this year, making it a PS4 second... | PS Vita

PS4's August line up

11d ago - Summer game drought?PS4 doesn't have games?Well PS4 owners prepare your wallets in August becaus... | PS4

PS Vita's August line up

12d ago - Minecraft PS Vita Edition is undoubtedly the game of the month for the handheld and hopefully wi... | PS Vita

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

AAA Developers Need to Take Mobile Gaming Seriously

13d ago - Mobile gaming is a huge marketplace full of powerful devices that are increasingly friendly to hi... | iPhone

4 Years In, Minecraft Continues Selling Better Than Most New Games--Passes 16 Million on PC

21d ago - Minecraft has now sold over 16 million copies on the PC and Mac. | PC

Civcraft mod for Minecraft mashes it up with Civilization

23d ago - From the article, "One of the reasons Minecraft has become such a phenomenon is the creativity in... | PC

10 Gaming Moments You Must Experience Before You Die

24d ago - The spine shivering moments of perfection that make gaming the best thing ever. | Culture

Gaming Urban Legends - The Horror Of Herobrine

24d ago - Minecraft has become a huge pop culture sensation, but did you know that it may be haunted by Her... | Culture

Minecraft Snapshot 14w27b: Bunnies

27d ago - A new preview build for Minecraft 1.8 came out earlier this week. While Minecraft Snapshot 14w27b... | PC

Minecraft For The Vita May Be Just What I Need

28d ago - Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes: "Everyone knows that Minecraft is a monster in an... | PS4

5 Amazing Minecraft Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

29d ago - There have been hundreds, if not thousands of truly mind-boggling creations put forward by the Mi... | PC

Top Five Summer MMOs

34d ago - Online gaming is a must during the summer months, for this reason, MMO-Play represents the top fi... | PC

Why some fans are battling with Notch over Minecraft changes

39d ago - Polygon: "Around the world, millions of people enjoy playing Minecraft, one of the most successf... | PC

Top 5 Oddly Addicting Games

39d ago - Lisa discusses the best games that may need a 12 step program to get over. | PC

Minecraft: 25 Insane Fan Creations You Won’t Believe

39d ago - Minecraft's block-based building system may be deceivingly simple to utilise, but it has resulted... | PC

Five Favorites: Characters That Would Make the Best Dads

43d ago - Max Level: In our last edition of Five Favorites, we discussed the top five games we wish we coul... | Culture

Mojang's new server rules cause controversy among players, dismay by Notch

43d ago - GameDynamo - "On June 12, Mojang announced that it was cracking down on server monetization in Mi... | PC

You’ll End Up with the Companies You Deserve: The Minecraft Meltdown

44d ago - Apparently, some cretins have accused Mojang of being ‘literally worse than EA’ in recent times d... | PC

Five Facts - Variety Pack #6

49d ago - Jack and Ray bring you the sixth Five Facts Variety Pack and cover New Super Mario Bros. U, Bulle... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Mojang's crackdown at "Pay for Perk", and Why It's Good News

53d ago - Will Mojang's EULA enforcement cause the end of thousands of Minecraft servers? Probably, and her... | Culture

Countdown - Top 15 XBLA Games

58d ago - Geoff, Michael, and Ray brig you their top 15 XBLA games. | Xbox 360

10 games every dragon lover should play

63d ago - Whether hunting them or being flown around the world on their backs, XB1 loves a dragon on Xbox a... | PC

A Minecraft journey: sweat, pixels and horse armour

63d ago - This is probably the most interesting thing you'll read today. Here is part 3 (final part, perhap... | PC

What’s So Great About Minecraft?

65d ago - This is a game that not many gamers can say that they can get into, due to its non linear style o... | PC
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