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Nintendoom: Part 4: Changing the Future

352d ago ... And now the wrap up. We have a console in place with solid specs and a great price of $249. We have a handheld with more than acceptable specs and a great price at $149. And with backing from Disney, those specs. could be pushed a bit further without taking too much of a loss or increasing the price for the consumer, and fund more developers which ultimately means more games. So what’s the... < the real evil

729d ago ... what is the miiverse ( Mii universe), I'll just copy and paste this nifty little piece ---- Miiverse allows users to seamlessly share accomplishments, comments, and hand written notes with other users. Miiverse is integrated into the system menu of the Wii U and 3DS, but social interactions can also occur within supported games and applications. ---- As we all know we are not free to thin...

Beyond: Two Souls And How It Shows Evolution

1017d ago ... With talks on the internet of where the industry is currently headed, it's hard to imagine where exactly we're heading. A year ago I was convinced virtual reality would be the next step, but it seems this new generation is more about social interaction and media expansion. From Wii U's Miiverse to Sony's online interaction innovations, console gaming seems to be stepping into territory more so...
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