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Metro 2033 - PC Review by Brash Games

1195d ago - What’s this? An obscure IP from a relatively unknown studio? From the onset, it’s easy to discoun... | PC

TPV | Bargain Bin - Metro 2033 Review

1197d ago - TPV's Phil: "If you have not played Metro 2033, you are probably thinking why this game isn’t so... | PC

Metro 2033: A Flawed Masterpiece

1271d ago - From Alex Muncatchy at, "Chances are you guys have heard of this game.... | Xbox 360

Metro 2033 (PC) Review Rational Gamers

1290d ago - Metro 2033 was an odd one. Very rarely to you see games like this anymore. Let me explain, it isn... | PC

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Great Gaming Crusade - Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Review

1294d ago - Metro 2033, developed by 4a games, takes you into the sewers and underworlds of a post-apocalypti... | Xbox 360

Destructoid - Metro 2033 Review

1303d ago - Destructoid - Metro 2033 was released on March 16, 2010. As I write this, it is May 30, 2011. You... | PC

Metro 2033 review ¦ One More Castle

1340d ago - Joe Trotter of One More Castle writes: 'The world of Metro 2033 is a particularly grim one, ripe... | PC

Game Revolution: Metro 2033 Review

1672d ago - Game Revolution writes: "After the Cuban Missile Crisis subsided, Americans all learned one thing... | PC

XboxLiveAddicts Review: Metro 2033

1679d ago - Fear the future. It is post-apocalypse Moscow, Artyom, Metro 2033’s main character who was bor... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Review

1688d ago - Metro 2033 is an interesting concept- as it's based on a Russian book- did the PlayDevil reviewer... | Xbox 360

El33tonline Review: Metro 2033

1689d ago - El33tonline writes: "The future is a scary place. Normally you can expect the future to be one... | Xbox 360

Gamersmint Review : Metro 2033

1693d ago - Gamersmint Writes - I approached Metro 2033 with very little pre-release anticipation; the only t... | PC

GamingBolt: Metro 2033 Reviewed

1694d ago - GamingBolt writes: "If you prefer gunning down everything in sight, you may quickly find yourself... | PC

Big Download: Metro 2033 Review

1709d ago - Despite minor issues in gameplay, Metro 2033 is one of the best first-person shooters in recent m... | 2,12

Gamer Limit Review: Metro 2033

1709d ago - Some of the best games have immersed us in a world that gave a feeling of purpose. Looking left,... | 2,12

DarkZero: Metro 2033 Review

1709d ago - Next to World War II, the post-apocalyptic setting remains one of the most popular in gaming, esp... | 2,12

Gamersyde Review: Metro 2033

1710d ago - Gamersyde writes: "Developed by 4A Games, a Ukrainian studio composed of former members of t... | 2,12

About: Metro 2033 Review

1711d ago - About writes: "Metro 2033 has come in under most gamers' radar, but this post apocalyptic ho... | 2,12

Ripten: Metro 2033: Ripten Video Review

1711d ago - Ripten writes: "First off, some backstory. Metro 2033 was based on a book (which you will ne... | 2,12

GameKult Review: Metro 2033

1712d ago - GameKult: Postcards from New York, Paris, Sydney, Moscow ... Since the nuclear holocaust twenty y... | 2,12

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10° Review: Metro 2033

1714d ago - When publishers Glukhovsky Dmitry land threw his aspirations as a novelist by refusin... | 2,12

Metro 2033 Video Review | GameState

1714d ago - "Based on a novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky with the same name, the game was developed in Ukraine... | 2,12

Tech Digest: Metro 2033 Review

1714d ago - Tech Digest writes: "It's not that rare of an occurrence to pick up a newspaper and find a s... | 2,12

Gamesnation Review: Metro 2033

1715d ago - Gamesnation: The fiction book Metro 2033 the Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky was one of the most... | 2,12
10° Review: Metro 2033

1715d ago - Metro 2033 opens as one of the most promising titles of the 2010 season. 4A Games and T... | 2,12
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Metro 2033

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