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GameFocus: Metal Slug XX Review

1725d ago - Arcade-era sprites clamber around a 2D battlefield, bullets and explosions covering the screen. A... | 4

Diehard GameFAN: Metal Slug XX Review

1726d ago - Metal Slug XX is a revamp of Metal Slug 7 that came out on PSP 2 years ago. Ad Hoc has been added... | 4

Hardcore Gamer: Metal Slug XX Review

1727d ago - A little bit of run & gun is good for the soul, and Metal Slug has been running and gunning... | 4

Gamertell Review: Metal Slug XX for PSP

1734d ago - Gamertell has posted a positive review of Atlus' Metal Slug XX for PSP. From the review:... | 4

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DualShockers METAL SLUG XX Review

1734d ago - DualShockers writes, "If you miss that arcade feel from the 90's, SNK Playmore has you cover... | 4

Original-Gamer: Metal Slug XX Review

1734d ago - Wraith says "Metal Slug 7 gets released on the PSP as Metal Slug XX. Why? Who cares, get it... | 4

Tech-Gaming: Metal Slug XX Review

1738d ago - Tech-Gaming writes: "I've always wondered: when someone starts a Laundromat, do they receive... | 4

GameZone: Metal Slug XX Review

1738d ago - GameZone's Steven Hopper arms himself in the review for Metal Slug XX for the PSP. "Metal Sl... | 4

Worthplaying: Metal Slug XX Review

1738d ago - For hardcore Metal Slug fans who are also DS owners, Metal Slug XX on the PSP might look awfully... | 4

Resumeplay Review: Metal Slug XX

1739d ago - resumeplay writes: "Metal Slug has been around since the golden age of Arcade Machines. It... | 4

GFB: Metal Slug XX Review for PSP

1740d ago - GFB writes: "If Contra defined the Run N Gun of the late 80s then SNK's Metal Slug Series de... | 4

Digital Chumps: Metal Slug XX Review

1741d ago - SNK has been the home of many great franchises over the years. Any list of those would have to in... | 4

Review: Metal Slug XX -- Examiner

1741d ago - The Metal Slug series has been a long-running 2D side-scrolling shooter for over a decade now. Sp... | 4
80° Metal Slug XX Review

1742d ago - "Metal Slug XX isn't a bad game by any means. One can tell that SNK Playmor... | 4

Gaming Nexus: Metal Slug XX Review

1742d ago - GN writes: "Metal Slug XX has a curious title. Have I really paid so little attention to th... | 4

TheGamersHub: Metal Slug XX Review

1742d ago - TGH Writes: "Metal Slug is a long running series that dates back to the Neo-Geo arcade... | 4

Metal Slug XX Achievements

1743d ago - has just published the achievement list for Metal Slug XX. The game features 1... | 2

Modojo: Metal Slug XX Review

1748d ago - Over the years, Metal Slug has grown into its own beast, distancing itself from the Contra series... | 4

Game Critics: Metal Slug XX Review

1751d ago - Metal Slug, Metal Slug, Metal Slug. After all these years, what's left to say? Incredibly well-an... | 4

Game Observer: Metal Slug XX Review

1755d ago - If results where an indicator of a military organization's allegiance, then the Peregrine Falcons... | 4

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Metal Slug XX Review at CheatCC

1758d ago - CheatCC says, "In the end, Metal Slug XX is a gaming experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Howeve... | 4

Game Informer: Metal Slug XX Review

1761d ago - Game Informer writes: "This is nearly an exact port of Metal Slug 7, which released in late... | 4

PlayStation Release Horizon 02/22/10

1763d ago - PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "2010 has barely begun and the high-profile releases in t... | 1,4

Modojo: Metal Slug XX Preview

1775d ago - Modojo writes: "When Metal Slug 7 came out for the Nintendo DS, we enjoyed it, even though s... | 4

A Look Ahead: Upcoming PSP Titles for 2010

1795d ago - The PS3 is set for its biggest year ever, but its little brother isn't looking too shabby either. | 4

Metal Slug XX

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Release Dates
PSP Release Dates
JP 23 December 2009
US 23 February 2010
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