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Hideo Kojima Adds Fuel to Metal Gear Soild 5 Head Transplant Conspiracy; Tweets "Gemini" Album

2h ago | News | Director Hideo Kojima has added fuel to the Metal Gear Solid 5 Head Transplant conspiracy theory by promoting The New Divisions' "Gemini" album on Twitter. The album's title echoes the Heaven-G...

You Don't Play As Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V

11h ago | Opinion piece | "The entire marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V has been about changing or hiding an identity, and so its clear - you don't play as Big Boss in The Phantom Pain. Even the announcement of M...

Head Transplant Patient Further Denies Metal Gear Solid Involvement

2d ago | News | Val Spiridonov further denies any relationship with Metal Gear Solid and explains the story behin...

The Metal Gear Solid V Doctor Conspiracy is a Joke

1d 19h ago | Opinion piece | A look at how one person's Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain suggestion spiralled out of contro...
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What Should Konami Do?

28d ago | Industry
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