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E-Pals: Konami and Kojima

2d ago - Karl Dodds and Buddy Acker discuss the controversy surrounding Konami and Hideo Kojima. | PS4

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is Man on Fire one of the Big Boss’ past demons?

4d ago - Square Enix has unveiled the Play Arts Kai’s action figure of “Man on Fire”, one of the Metal Gea... | PC

The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

MGSV's Quiet's outfit is anything but 'mild' nudity

4d ago - GGG analyzes the recent rating of MGSV saying the game contained "mild" amounts of nudity and deb... | Xbox 360

The Cost of Releasing too Many Sequels

5d ago - Sequels can be great, but there is a cost if released too often, culminating in a loss of excitem... | PC

Konami, Like Atari, Is Risking its Legacy in Striving for Longevity

8d ago - 'Silent Hills' canned, Kojima on the way out, and mobile gaming on the horizon: are the company's... | PS4

Rich Stanton on: The Koj delusion

10d ago - Editor's note: this article contains strong references to child abuse which some readers may find... | Culture

E3 2015 Most Anticipated Video Games

10d ago - GR: E3 2015, which is taking place June 16-18 this year, is arriving fast (so soon?), and there... | PC

Stay Free, Konami. Stay Free.

11d ago - Clinton Bowman writes: "Konami has to be in what can be considered the worst shape ever for a gam... | Industry

How the Mighty Have Fallen: Konami’s Self-Disintegration Effect

12d ago - Its only a matter of time before this rusting ship completely breaks down. | PS4

Who cares about Quiet’s boobs when Snake’s winky is way cooler

14d ago - Oh yeah, Snake’s “Big Boss” will be gropable for everyone! | Culture

Is Konami Moving Away From Console Gaming?

20d ago - Chris explores what's going on at Konami and questions whether or not there's a chance they could... | Xbox 360

Top 9 PC Games You Should Play In 2015

23d ago - ASidCast: "With the first quarter of 2015 coming to an end, it felt like it's a good time to writ... | PC

Kings of Freedom: 9 Open-World Games to Look Forward to This Year

24d ago - GR: If you're a fan of exploration, these past couple years probably haven't done a whole lot fo... | Culture

Leaked photo from Konami 2015 meeting details future plans for Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima [Satire]

26d ago - So what next for Konami? Latest internal meeting suggests a bleak future! | PS4

What's Up With Konami?

27d ago - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start may not be enough this time... Konami h... | PC

Could The Metal Gear Solid Lookalike Doctor Really Sue Konami?

27d ago - Gabriel Gallani:"As Kotaku UK reported a few days ago, an Italian doctor called Sergio Canavero i... | Industry

Why Kojima Leaving Konami Could Be Great

28d ago - Fans are completely upset, disgusted, and all around bummed by the news coming from Konami this w... | PC

Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pitchforks

28d ago - There’s still a slight chance this was a marketing ploy, and we’re all the fools for buying into... | PS4

You Don't Play As Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V

29d ago - "The entire marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V has been about changing or hiding an identi... | Xbox 360

The Metal Gear Solid V Doctor Conspiracy is a Joke

30d ago - A look at how one person's Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain suggestion spiralled out of contro... | PC

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The madness of MGS 5's head transplant theory

36d ago - First up, let's make it clear that it's highly unlikely that Kojima is staging a globally announc... | PC

Ten highly anticipated games for E3

37d ago - With E3 just a couple months away rumours are rife with what to expect at the expo which takes pl... | PC

Lawsuit or incredible viral campaign?

37d ago - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has strangest coincidents ever seen in videogame. Is dr.... | PC

MGSV: Konami Will Plaxico Themselves Firing Kojima

43d ago - "The term Plaxico comes from the urban dictionary and it means to shoot yourself in the foot whic... | PC

The Game Industry Needs Transparency Now More than Ever

48d ago - Allowing rumors and wild theories to fly isn't good for any industry, so why has the video game i... | Culture
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