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User Review : Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

  • True next-gen graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Challenging
  • Short
  • Not worth the money
  • Not much replay value

Kojima & Konami haven't released a MGS game since 2008 when they released MGS4: Guns of The Patriots

The Metal Gear franchise is known for its detailed, complex, and heavy storyline but releasing each game out of chronological order taking the user back and forth in the story can bring on some confusion. However, each game does tell its story and if you pay attention and read about it online you can stay in the loop. I had to watch a 5 part YouTube series 15 minutes each to know what was happening in the story from start to finish.

MGS: Ground Zeroes has been a huge disappointment for a lot of people including myself considering the value of what you get for your money starting at $29.99 for the PS4 disc copy.

Kojima & Konami haven't released a MGS game since 2008 when they released MGS 4: Guns of The Patriots which is the last game in the chronological order before Metal Gear Rising which isn't your typical solid game but more of a futuristic hack and slash title. Ground Zeroes was released to introduce new players to the story, refresh veteran players memory of the story, while serving as a prologue to the upcoming title MGS V: The Phantom Pain which will be over 200X bigger than Ground Zeroes is.

The game consists of one main mission which a few people have completed in 10 minutes while others have taken their time to complete it in 3 hours. After you complete the main mission you will see a cut scene then the credits and once you are back at the title screen you are introduced to 4 side missions plus a 5th hidden mission all taking place in the same map from the main mission.

The disappointment comes not from the graphics or gameplay, but from the cost of the game for what you get. Less than 4 hours to complete the main story plus the side missions is not worth $30-40 for some people. It is definitely not worth that to me and I wish I would have waited to buy when MGS: The Phantom Pain comes out with a possible bundle.

Overall: Great gameplay and stunning next-gen graphics deliver a great gaming experience, however it is extremely short and not worth the asking price. It should be $5-$10 tops.

I give this title 7/10

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BiggCMan1486d ago

"Kojima & Konami haven't released a MGS game since 2008 when they released MGS4: Guns of The Patriots"

Hmmmm, Peace Walker??

BiggCMan1470d ago

Doesn't matter, it's the most important part of the series you need to know when getting into Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. It's an extremely good game and should not be overlooked because it was on PSP. It's basically MGS5, and Phantom Pain is like 6.