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Metal Gear Solid Series User Blog

Yearly instalments: What about the games?

1487d ago ... Just as a little introduction, this is an issue which I am in two minds about. There could be much debate about this subject to which no end will ever be reached. What I aim to do is provide a picture of the gaming community's attitude towards yearly instalments as well as give you my analysis of why we have yearly instalments in the first place and how it affects my ability to enjoy a game....

Why Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be awesome

1702d ago ... I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. I love all the characters. The only character that got on my nerves was Raiden. He was a whiny wimpy kid in Metal Gear Solid 2. However in MGS4 he was seen as a cyborg. A bad ass cyborg too! I now have much more respect for the character. Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be coming out next year. I really think that this gam...
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