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The most promising games that never saw a release

640d ago - VGS: 'Part of the excitement in gaming comes from watching a game be unveiled, following its news... | GameCube

Konami to Give Away Metal Gear Prizes at MCM London Comic Con

1006d ago - Visitors to Konami’s stand at this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con will have the chance to get han... | PC

Preview: 20XX: I Now Pronounce You Mega Man X and Roguelike

Now - 20XX makes no secret about its influence. Taking notes right out of the Mega Man X series, this side-scrolling 2D adventure also incorporates rogue... | Promoted post

Metal Gear Rising-Revengeance Comes Hard

1096d ago - Metal Gear Rising-Revengeance Comes Hard Raiden is on another stealth mission before Rose calls h... | Xbox 360

Games that Will Set 2012 on Fire

1115d ago - Hottest games that will set 2012 on fire | PC

Is the violence depicted in video games the norm?

1146d ago - Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: "Truth be told, most video games are violent in some way... | PC

Five Guesses: What Is Konami Revealing At E3?

1169d ago - Konami is planning a big reveal at the event...and Gamerlive has a few guesses as to what it is. | Xbox 360

MGS: Rising originally featured TWO variations of Raiden, Young & Cyborg, TWO Voice Actors

1185d ago - "A trusted source close to the original Rising project told TGL that the... | Xbox 360

MGS Rising coming to PS Vita?

1186d ago - STN Writes: A selection of presentation slides found by internet super sleuth, Supererogatory... | PS Vita

Nerd Rage?! Metal Gear Solid Rising and Devil May Cry

1261d ago - Why does everyone get so upset?! With the recent development of a "reboot" of Devil May Cry and a... | Xbox 360

Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence - Playable at E3 2012, Hideo Talks Sequels, and Move Support

1279d ago - Now being developed by the makers of Sega’s hit third person shooter Vanquish, Platinum Games hav... | Xbox 360

What Happened To Metal Gear Rising?

1288d ago - An eGamer journalist takes an in-depth look at the project from its origins, and goes through the... | PC

The Game Blender #17 - The Last of Us, Vita in Japan, Kojima's new game, free PS Plus

1314d ago - GameDynamo - "Welcome back to the after party! Another week, another vein of news has been found,... | Xbox 360

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Wishlist (with Videos and Screens)

1315d ago - GameDynamo - "The gaming world was split in half on December 9th, when Hideo Kojima presented the... | Xbox 360

Plus XP: Metal Gear Rising becomes Revengeance

1321d ago - Leon from Plus XP writes: "Back in 2009, after Metal Gear Solid 4 marked the end of Solid Snake’s... | PC

What Happened to Rising….?

1323d ago - We went from stalking your enemy in the shadows, before cutting him into several pieces. A nice m... | PC

Metal Gear Solid Rising 2010 vs 2011

1323d ago - Someone has uploaded a video comparing the differences between Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal... | Xbox 360

Main Bayonetta developers not involved with Metal Gear Rising game

1324d ago - SEGAbits: "You know you saw all that hype that the developers from Bayonetta are working on Metal... | Xbox 360

5 reasons why Rising shouldn't be called Metal Gear Solid

1324d ago - Rising's game style looks far removed from previous Metal Gear Solid games, and raises the questi... | PC

Metal Gear Solid Rising leaked trailer, game made by Platinum Games

1325d ago - Check out the VGA trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising. | Xbox 360

Kojima's MGS: Rising VGA Trailer to be in-engine footage

1325d ago - One of the most anticipated reveals to be made during the VGAs later today is the re-reveal of Me... | PC

YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post

Speculation Central: Major Announcements We Expect / Hope Come from the 2011 VGA Awards

1328d ago - Speculation about the upcoming VGA Awards, the most likely winners, and possible game revelations... | PC

MediaKick's 2012 Most Anticipated – #20 Metal Gear Solid: Rising

1329d ago - MediaKick: "Editor’s Note: Now onto number six of our twenty-five most anticipated games of 2012.... | Xbox 360

What’s Going on with Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Is It Okay?

1348d ago - Kotaku: "This past August, I asked a very simple question: Where the hell is Metal Gear Solid: Ri... | Xbox 360

Metal Gear Solid Rising Producer Change Confirmed

1348d ago - Andriasang writes, "Shigenobu Matsuyama has been replaced by Yuji Korekado." | PC

Historic issue 65 cover features Hideo Kojima (MGS 5 confirmed)

1349d ago - As part of Official PlayStation Magazines world exclusive chat and photo shoot, Hideo Kojima also... | PS3
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