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Metal Gear: What's under the box?

16d ago | Article | To help those new to the series, Ryan Boyce recaps the events of the past Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid games and places them at their proper places in the Metal Gear timeline.

PlayStation 3 Games You Should Not Miss

29d ago | Opinion piece | From the humble beginnings of the Xbox 360 (2006) and PlayStayion 3 (2007), the seventh Generatio...

Are Cutscenes Inherently Bad?

28d ago | Opinion piece | There is a growing sentiment among a lot of gamers that cutscenes are an inherently bad means of telling stories in games. These people say that cu...

Top five boss battles from the Metal Gear Solid franchise

28d ago | Opinion piece | Metal Gear Solid’s legendary reputation is one that series creator and director Hideo Kojima has devoted his entire career in building. It is one of the most established series in gaming and often...
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