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SpeakOut About: Your games with the ‘Best Visuals’

26d ago | Opinion piece | "These games come from posts by the TakuChat community in the Game Art for Gamers 101: Introduction post, where as a first 1UP [which] asked you to [talk] about your most visually appealing games....

12 Most Satisfying Villain Deaths In Gaming History

14d ago | Opinion piece | Video games are all about death: if we’re not jumping on the heads of Goombas in Mario, we’re mow...

Top 5 with Lisa Foiles Top 5 Fake Endings - Just When You Think It's Over

26d ago | Opinion piece | Just cause the credits are rolling doesn't mean the story's over.

Game Art for Gamers 103: Principles of Design

19d ago | Article | "Each one of these principles could easily merit an article on its own, but that would defeat the purpose of this article. [The purpose is] building awareness that these ideas exist, and displaying...
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