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Top V - Metal Gear Boss Fights

3m ago | Opinion piece | What are some of the best boss fights in the Metal Gear franchise?

TDS Special: Our fondest memories of the Metal Gear Solid series

2h ago | Opinion piece | The herd recall their stand-out moments from the legendary franchise

Five PS3 exclusives that still need the PS4 remaster treatment

1d 8h ago | Opinion piece | GameZone: "Sony recently claimed that even more HD remasters are coming to the console in the future, so instead of complaining about it, we've decided to make a list of the top 5 PS3 exclusives th...

Why MGS4’s final scene is more powerful than we ever realised

7d ago | Opinion piece | GR: “This is good, isn’t it?” I’d always loved the final words of Metal Gear Solid 4, as Big Boss shares his final cigar with ‘son’ Solid Snake. I loved the petulant, contrary, nature of it; a ser...

15 Craziest Metal Gear Solid Plot Points You Need Reminding Of

3d ago | Opinion piece | Let’s just come out and say it: when it comes to plot, MGS is the most complicated, convoluted an...

Metal Gear Solid’s most memorable moments

1d 6h ago | Opinion piece | The Metal Gear Solid series is full of some of the best and most memorable moments in video games.

Metal Gear Solid: Best Moments

2d ago | Opinion piece | The entire Metal Gear franchise has more than a handful of moments that are utterly brilliant and amazing. Barely scraping the surface of all the b...

17 Best Metal Gear Solid Bosses

7d ago | Opinion piece | IGN Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series is known for a lot of things, one of which being its incredible boss encounters. In the lead up to Th...

The Five Most Memorable Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Franchise

23d ago | Opinion piece | After multiple screenshots, trailers and not to mention the Konami-Kojima debacle, Metal Gear Sol...

The 8 Greatest Hits Of The Metal Gear Solid Series

15d ago | Opinion piece | EGMR writes: "This is a series filled with so many memorable moments and epic set pieces that it’...
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