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User Review : Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • Amazing Story{Unique Gameplay{Amazing/ Appropriate Graphics
  • Odd Snake Voiceover{Diffuclt Aiming at times{Bad Camera

My Very First Review - MGS 3

I thought, with Metal Gear Solid 4 right around the corner, I ought to make my first review for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater...

Now this is the first and only Metal Gear game I've played so i can't make comparisons and say "oh this one is better then that one". Although, this eliminates a bias so i don't hate on a game just because its not as good as it's predecessor, instead i take it for what it is.

This game is immense, in a sense that it will take you (on your first try) around 20 hours to complete; give or take a few hours. Now this can be both good thing and a bad thing, because no one wants to play a game that bores the hell out of them; fortunately MGS 3 has stellar aspects to it making it one of the most enjoyable games available on the PS2.

I do not know my way around graphics whutsoever, and you should be warned to take my opinion with a grain of salt. However i thought the graphics in MGS 3 were excellent they put tons of detail into the environments and the various items on screen (like the animals and furniture). But the best part is the way the characters look, when they aren't enhanced in a cutscene, the clothing and faces all look sharp, for human character in the game. As for the cutscenes themselves, they are truly beutiful, everything is great; the people, the backgrounds and the preset action sequences are stunning, and very long which was awesome - had a movie feel to it.

Sly Cooper is one of my favorite games/characters of all time, and I thought the stealth elements in those games were good... Well after i finished the virtuous mission at the beginning it just flat out made sly look bad. And as the game progressed the elements of gameplay got deeper and deeper. From taking advantage of various camouflages and disguises to healing yourself after suffering from broken bones, severe burns, or the annoying-ass leeches among others, the gameplay is much more unique and diverse then any other game i have played - this also goes with the boss fights which are all stunnign in their own way, and at times frustrating (The Fear without thermal goggles = an angry reviewer). Although I did get the hang of staying in third person view to shoot at enemys some reticules from that view would have been so helpful and made the game at times less frustrating. Also the camera in this game, being a classic top/down view gets frustrating especially with all the foliage but doesn't drastically take away from the experience - though in Subsistence they fix this.

The story is top notch - its that easy. I really dont want to get into that because its just so big and interesting. Ive heard some bs about people not liking how it isn't believable and who cares? theres character development to the amazing faces that you'll see throughout this masterpiece, dialogue that fits the story oh so well and one hell of an ending that ranks up with one of my favorite (if not the favorite) endings of all time. Seriously the story is that good.

The sound was very well done. The music is stunning and for the most part the english voices are very well done, with the exception of snake who at the beginning didn't seem right to me, but grew on me as the game went on. They've also included small insignificant stuff that you dont see many games with that dedication have these days, like the rustling of various plants as you walk through them.

This game is a masterpiece really. The only way i see someone completely not enjoying this game is if they are really ignorant and try to go all rambo in a battle and not use the intended method of stealth when moving through the game. I myself didnt think much of the Metal Gear games, i knew they were good, but i just didnt feel like giving it a chance, so for those who dont think this one sounds like the game for them, play it anyway, as i only broke the surface with this review srsly.

I would also like to add some of the really cool/innovative features I noticed while playing, my favorite thing that made me **** bricks was when the boss was torturing you and you can see behind her, The Sorrow giving you the code to break out of the cell you'd eventually get trapt in - oh was that ever neat

Comment and give me some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback plz.


Very unique and rewarding after you do things stealthily. Needed a better camera and reticules on the third person aiming
Awesome scenery and environments.
Great music. Whutup with your voice Snake?
Fun Factor
Unfortunately all things must end, and Your not going to be playing Snake Eater from the beginning again any time soon
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riqued3459d ago

Wow, you don't like David Hayter as Snake!?

ThatCanadianGuy3431d ago

I also think it's one of the best game ending ever,i actually cried it was so damn emotional.

And you've barely played the mg/mgs series correct?
you should play the "twin snakes" on gamecube,it covers a very important timeline in the MGS well as MGS2:Sons of liberty.

and i tottaly agree..The fear was a pain in the ass,i always opted for the poison fruit to get him.

Fray323396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I was just going over my old stuff and came across your comment. In the time since i wrote this, i have completed MGS2, read a novelization of MGS1, and completed MGS4 about 3 days ago, truly amazing series.

i only learned how to use the fake death pill like right at the end which made me annoyed as that could have come in handy MUCH earlier in the game