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Metal Gear Solid 3: A retrospective

159d ago - Playdar take a look back at some of the high points of MGS3 and their significance in the context... | PS2

In-game advertising is worth $1+ billion a year – is PS4′s future commercial?

166d ago - OPM: Advertising is everywhere – and games are no exception. Some have enough product placement t... | PS3

Looking Back At The PlayStation 2: Ten Unforgettable Classics

194d ago - GameNTrain author Luke Siuty writes: The best-selling console of all time, Sony PlayStation 2, ha... | PS2

Metal Gear - The Man Behind The Bandana

195d ago - In a time where the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was a new video game console, there was o... | PS3

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6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense)

212d ago - Cohesive storytelling is a new thing in video games. The standard for nearly 30 years was to just... | Culture

Metal Gear Solid and Gender Equality: Daughters of Liberty

222d ago - Gameranx: "How one gamer experienced positive reinforcement for women in the Metal Gear Solid ser... | Culture

Top 7 video game cosplayers you can only hope to look like

248d ago - WWC: "Cosplay is something that almost anyone can do, but it takes a lot of time, skill, and dedi... | Culture

Top five video game stories

311d ago - A stroll through some of the more memorable and engaging yarns in gaming. | PS2

Prequels, Are They Worth A Story To Be Told?

316d ago - Super PolyPixel - Prequels. Instead of a continuation of a video game such as Batman: Arkham City... | PC

Great Moments in Metal Gear: The Ladder

326d ago - Ask any Metal Gear fan about ‘the ladder’, and chances are they know right away what you mean. | Xbox 360

Best Boss Battles in Gaming History - Part Eight

328d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Welcome to a new edition of Best Boss B... | PS2

Metal Gear Countdown: Top 5 Boss Fights

331d ago - Boss battles are common in gaming. Nearly every story driven game has them, and they often serve... | PS2

Top 10 best beards in gaming

333d ago - Here are the top 10 beards found in video games picked by StickSkills. | Culture

Cosplay of the Day: Snaaaaaaake

335d ago - Cosplay doesn’t always need to be cute kids or sexy girls. There’s plenty of room for badass dude... | Culture

Why Metal Gear Solid 2 is Better Than Metal Gear Solid 3

346d ago - Raiden alone may have tarnished the reputation of Metal Gear Solid 2, but there's no denying MGS2... | PS2

A Moving Tribute To Metal Gear Solid 3's Ridiculous Ladder Climb

363d ago - Kotaku - You may previously have thought this was the most boring thing in Metal Gear history. A... | PS2

8 Actors Perfect To Play Solid Snake

365d ago - IGN: "With the new MGS movie coming, we make our picks for 8 frontrunners to play the iconic Soli... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Video Game Prequels

387d ago - From Resident Evil Zero and Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past to Metal Gear Solid 3, Metroid Prim... | GameCube

Blank Your Game Episode 32 – Happy Saint Patrick’s

391d ago - Hey gamer’s how is it going? Blank Your Game is back with a new episode for you. We took a little... | PC

Games and The Evocation of Emotion

397d ago - Gaming, like other mediums, has the ability to trigger emotional responses. Gone are barely disce... | Industry

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The Top 5 Female Video Game Characters

401d ago - From Aerith from Final Fantasy VII to Metroid's Samus Aran. the 411 staff counts down their top 5... | Culture

Metal Gear Countdown: Top 5 Plot Twists

403d ago - Plot twists. They are staple of the Metal Gear series, and we have seen many of them over the yea... | PS2

Pixelitis Picks: Our most beloved videogame heroines

405d ago - "Lara Croft is one of the most iconic videogame heroines there is, and her reboot hit shelves thi... | Nintendo DS

The Best of Video Game Jazz

406d ago - In the third installment of the relatively new podcast, Tuesday Tunes, Moarpowah takes a look at... | Culture

5 Most Fun Representations of Survival in Games

407d ago - A list of five games that defined the most fun representations of survival in gaming. From games... | PS2

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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