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Undertale Is Currently The Top Rated PC Game Of All Time

131d ago - We all know that the Metacritic system has its benefits and its flaws. It’s a tool to show the ag... | PC

GameStop: Metacritic to blame for game pre-order problems

246d ago - Pre-orders are falling because gamers are paying extra attention to review scores, said GameStop... | Industry

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Uncharted 4 Dev Lost "Thousands of Dollars" Questions Metacritic's Methods

389d ago - Naughty Dog's Jonathan Cooper reveals that due to Metacritic's scoring methods he has lost out on... | PS4

Metacritic, gaming press: No impact on game sales, says Double Fine COO

456d ago - Justin Bailey, chief operating officer at Double Fine Productions, stated the following during a... | Industry

Metacritic Claims Analysis Of Weighting System Is Utterly Inaccurate

1050d ago - Responding to a article yesterday detailing how it weighted its scores in terms of importance, Me... | Industry

Metacritic's weighting system revealed

1051d ago - The website Metacritic weights the scores of different video game critics and publications when c... | Industry

Metacritic is 'potentially dangerous for the games industry', says Rebellion

1420d ago - Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley has voiced his concerns over the use of Metacritic as a yardstick... | Culture

The Week That Was

1487d ago -'s Ben Quy covers and offers his take on perhaps some of the interesting news you... | Wii

Metacritic - Skyrim Is Best Game of 2011, Top 10 All Time

1553d ago - Skyrim is currently sitting at the best game of 2011 on metacritic, beating the likes of Portal a... | PC

Video games review scandal: Metacritic uncovers, drops crooked publication

1674d ago - Metacritic has told CVG that it has been forced to remove a games publication from its review lis... | Industry

Video games review scandal: Metacritic uncovers, drops crooked publication

1674d ago - Metacritic has told CVG that it has been forced to de-list a games publication from its review li... | Industry

Could get messy: Duke Nukem Forever Metacritic user reviews finally open

1703d ago - BeefJack writes: "Metacritic have finally allowed users to review Duke Nukem Forever – over four... | PC

Metacritic Pulls Plug on Individual Developer Scores

1780d ago - In less than a week, Metacritic has already removed individual developer scores from their database | Industry

Metacritic Begins Aggregating Individual Developer Scores

1783d ago - The Meta review board Metacritic has started to list individual game developers by game score ran... | Nintendo DS

BAFTAs: David Braben Clarifies "Metacritic for Game Journalists"

1792d ago - SPOnG: "Kinectimals and Elite creator David Braben has clarified the intention of his "Metacritic... | Industry

Metacritic adds iOS section

1793d ago - Reviews aggregator Metacritic has – some would say belatedly – added an iOS section to its site t... | iPhone

Take-Two's Zelnick Stresses Importance Of Metacritic Scores

1799d ago - As Take-Two makes a turn towards consistent profitability without total reliance on Grand Theft A... | Industry

Take-Two Had Most Positive Reviews of 2010

1827d ago - Metacritic has rated Take-Two as the top publisher in terms of most positive reviews for 2010. T... | Industry

Metacritic: Metascores Alone Do Not Directly Impact Sales

1956d ago - Metacritic's games editor says, "I'm not sure that it is possible, in any scientific way, to isol... | Industry
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