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By Tadej Kupčič, Project Director, Programmer A couple of days ago, I was getting so hyped up and excited for this year's E3, I couldn't even sl...

Mega Man News  

Capcom on fan frustration due to lack of new Mega Man games

46d ago - Coming from a Capcom employee posting on Capcom's official messageboards... Four years is cert... | Dev

If You Want This Mega Man Jacket, You And 299 Other People Need To Pre-Order It

118d ago - Capcom has partnered with clothing designer Volante to create this very cool Mega Man-inspired ja... | Culture

Azure Striker Gunvolt Coming to eShop This Summer - Couch Jockeyz

119d ago - Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, and the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9 revealed a projec... | 3DS

Capcom Is Aware Of The Demand For A New Megaman Collection

124d ago - Capcom is apparently aware of the demand for a new Megaman Collection, according to Capcom USA co... | Xbox 360

Filmwatch June Contests

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Kid Robot Producing Mega Man Line of Figures, Available Later this Year

163d ago - Later this year, Kid Robot will debut their Mega Man line, with figures inspired by the first gam... | Culture

Roll Chan Evolution Is The Closest Thing We Got To A New Mega Man Game In 2013

191d ago - If you’re nostalgic for a Mega Man game check out Roll Chan Evolution. A romhacker edited the ori... | PC

Mega Man-athon 2 charity event gets equipped at MAGfest 12

199d ago - "The folks over at the cleverly-named Half Empty E-Tank are coming back to MAGfest for “Mega Man-... | Culture

Mega Man Tribute Album BOSS BEATS Now Available

206d ago - GameChops has released an EDM tribute to Mega Man for series 25th anniversary. Produced by ABSRDS... | Culture

Nintendo Character Sale: 'Mega Man' Games Discounted in the eShop This Week

233d ago - 8CN: The second week of Nintendo's "Character Sale" has gone live, this time with four Mega Man t... | Wii U

Mega Man and Mega Man X Are Back In a Capcom Made Game

239d ago - Please comment on the site were article was published. Mega Man and Mega Man X are back in a game... | iPhone

Mega Man Remade gives original NES soundtrack extra pizzaz

241d ago - "Ever wonder what it’d be like if the original Mega Man had that fancy pants sound chip that the... | Culture

Mega Man 42 is the latest Mega Man game from fans

251d ago - Waiting for a new Mega Man game is like being a mental patient waiting to be released from the ho... | PC

'Mega Man' Series Crosses 30 Million Sales

253d ago - 8CN: According to Capcom, the ​Mega Man ​series crossed 30 million lifetime sales earlier this ye... | Wii

Archie comics Announces Mega Man X comic book series

280d ago - Archie Comics, who have been creating Mega Man comic book series for a while now, will be finally... | Culture

Mega Man X series to get a 12-disc music collection

287d ago - A listing on Japanese online shop Rakuten has appeared for Rockman X Sound Box, set to arrive on... | Culture

Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter success made Inafune 'realize how big an influence Mega Man has had'

291d ago - In an interview with Polygon, Inafune said the success Mighty No. 9 has had in its crowdfunding e... | PC

Capcom Working to Bring More 'Mega Man' to the 3DS

297d ago - 8CN: Despite a lack of news on the previously announced Mega Man titles heading to the 3DS Virtua... | 3DS

Capcom to release two Mega Man tribute albums

304d ago - "Earlier today, Capcom-Unity Senior Community Manager Brett Elston announced that Capcom will rel... | Culture

Inafune: “Capcom should be doing things with the Mega Man franchise”

309d ago - Creator Keiji Inafune won’t mind at all if Capcom produces a new Mega Man game to rival his new p... | Industry

Mm25 – Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works Now Available

309d ago - Today sees the official launch of Mm25 in Europe. Available from retail outlets now, Mm25 is bill... | Xbox 360

Watch Dogs Review

Now - Dave hacks the planet with his latest review. | Promoted post

Keiji Inafune Says Mighty No. 9 Would Kick Mega Man’s Butt

310d ago - Keiji Inafune still loves Mega Man. But, to him, there’s no question who’d win if Capcom’s robot... | PC

The Story Of Mega Man And Why Keiji Inafune Made Him Blue

314d ago - Siliconera: "At PAX Prime, Keiji Inafune recounted his time with Capcom. He started as an artist,... | Culture

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 Is Now Available

345d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Man, what a great day today. Rise of the Triad got released (expect a Performa... | PC

Mega Man Game Boy VC releases was the big Mega Man Comic-Con news

355d ago - An official description for “The World of Capcom Games” Comic-Con panel teased Mega Man 25th anni... | 3DS

ESRB update - Mega Man (Game Gear)

384d ago - GoNintendo shares an ESRB update on Mega Man Game Gear. | 3DS
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