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User Review : Medal of Honor

  • Sound
  • Multiplayer
  • Epic Campaign
  • Unable to choose games on hardcore
  • Unable to spawn off party/squad/playgroup
  • Campaign is too short

8.5 out of 10

I had high expectations for this game. It delivered most of what I wanted. Though this is far from a perfect game, I still had fun playing it. It just needs some patches or some extra downloadables.
Let's just start off with the campaign. The campaign was epic. As the missions were completed, the levels got more exciting. You'll enjoy the storyline along with what you get to do and accomplish. You'll experience Afghanistan through the eyes of our two elite warriors, "Rabbit" and Adams. Rabbit is part of a SEAL Unit called the "Wolfpack". Adams is a LMG gunner for a Ranger squad. You'll also have a level where you can play as a gunner for an Apache Helicopter duo. The Campaign alone is worth playing, but it just was too short in my opinion.
Now let's get to the nitty gritty, the multiplayer. I think it needs some adequate work. It's still fun and worth playing. I jumped right on hardcore mode because I'm not into maps and all. I died a lot more than I wanted to because I didn't know the maps. Hardcore is all the games mashed in randomly together with hardcore settings. Though it may give variety, it doesn't give you a choice of what game you can play.. which is pretty hardcore. Sometimes I just want to play a deathmatch and not worry about objectives. Also... I don't think there's enough guns, in comparison to BFBC2 or COD:MW2 plethora of choices.
The modes are Combat Mission, Team Assault, Objective Raid, and Sector Control. Combat Mission is a multiple objective level where you secure sections and arm objectives. While the opposing team defends. Team Assault is a deathmatch game. Objective Raid is a short 5 minute version of Combat Missions where there are only 2 objectives. Sector control is pretty much capture the flag/domination.
I hope they make more maps... I like how the server tries to spawn you on the other side of the map if there's 3 or more people trying to spawn kill. Though one guy can rain on your spawn with a kill streak. I don't like how when you start a playgroup... someone in your group could end up on the other team. But what I do like is the scare I get when I get sniped... it's loud in my Turtle Beach's. The sound can intimidate you and it's amazing. EA always delivers the feeling of realism.
All in all it's a good game, worth keeping until the next Medal of Honor.

Graphics are pretty good on the campaign. But multiplayer had a hint of choppyness.
The campaign and multiplayer sound was just amazing, through my x4 turtle beach's. When I would get sniped online it would give me a huge jump because I wouldn't expect it. The guns sound real online and campaign.
The levels on the campaign just got better and better throughout the game. The feel of the guns on the campaign felt as real as it gets on a video game.
Fun Factor
It has replay value. Of course online makes it worth replaying
Multiplayer needs a lot of work. Can't spawn off your playgroup or a squad. Spawn killing is rampant when they use kill streaks. But the server does spawn you somewhere else if 3 or more of the opposing team is near your spawn. It needs more guns too.
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MC3MC332615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I know in one of my Blogs I said I wasn't going to get Black Ops.. but I think I might have to because I thought this game was going to be at least a 9.

Tachyon_Nova2615d ago

If you have'nt played it yet and are just going of the reviews, do yourself a favour and ignore them, this game is great, myself I will probably be delaying my purchase of black ops for a little while because this game has easily has a good enough multiplayer to keep me interested for at least 100 hours, despite what the reviews have said.

Jerk1202614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Only the Xbox 360 can turn crap games into gold.