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User Review : Medal of Honor

  • Fun and realistic story
  • Fantastic Multiplayer
  • Character lacking depth
  • Poor texture loading

Does Danger Close succeed at making a realistic but fun first person shooter?

I know it has been almost a year since Medal of Honour came out but I have only just had time to get it.

Story: You play for the majority of the game a DEVGRU Tier 1 operator who has the codename "Rabbit" who is apart of AFO Neptune one. The rest of the time you are alternating between Delta Force sniper (code name Deuce), and Ranger called Dante Adams and briefly an AH-64 Apache gunner called Brad "Hawk" Hawkins. Personal I am not a fan of constantly swapping characters but what Danger Close has achieved is showing the scale of the battle in Afghanistan that you play a part of. The transition between the characters is nicely done and further emphasises the scale of war. Medal of Honor stands out with its story. It is not the Hollywood action story we see in Call of duty games. Instead Medal of Honor stays true to its word. The missions are believable but still fun. The characters on the other hand are a different matter. They have very little character to them. I know they are meant to be special forces elite men with no emotion but that is no excuse for not making them have individual personalities. I often found it hard to distinguish who was talking (more apparent with the Tier 1 section). The ending is weak but real. I will not ruin it but while tactical retreating under fire I personal felt I could be shot in the back at any moment. The weak part is after this and how the game ends. I should care but I just couldn't because the characters were lacking any depth. The ending would have been far better if the characters had character to them.

Gameplay: The game play was fantastic. The weapons (though lacking in variants) had weight to them. Every shot can be felt which added to the realism. The sound from the weapons are fantastic. Each weapon has an individual sound and easily recognisable. The running ability was slow while the sliding ability was super human. It made little sense to me. If you are going to make the player feel like he is carrying a lot of weight at least make sure he doesn't slide five or six meters on a flat surface. A useful gameplay mechanic was the ability to get ammo from you team mates. They seem to have an endless supply which was useful but this made me less concern about saving my ammo. I could blast away then ask for some from any of the team mates. I know this game isn't trying to be a battle sim but having low ammo adds tension and realism that danger close said they are striving to achieve with Medal of Honor.

Graphics: Well this is by far the weakest area. Textures were very slow to load. I have never seen such slow texture loading. It is really the major negative of Medal of Honor. Once the texture had loaded the game did look beautiful but lacking in detail. The small rocks on the floor looked two dimensional which become more obvious when driving the quad bike (it was like driving on air). The character models are presented well with the main characters looking the part. The enemy seemed to have only 3 or 4 looks which was a shame. The weapons and explosions looked amazing but the weapons looked like they were just out of the box. I was expecting at least some degrading look (more on the insurgent weapons) but this was not the case.

Multiplayer: Great. I had a lot of fun with this. The types of weapons is a little small with small amount of customisation but surprisingly once you start playing it is not such a big deal. The maps are great and are of a good size with varying types. The graphics didn't degrade nor did the frame rate drop. The main problem I had was sometimes there was a bit of lag.

Conclusion: Great game that has taken a realistic step in the right direction but what has let this game down was the texture loading and it is very similar to battlefield games. I do hope the rumoured sequel improves the technical issues and further self identifies itself away from Battlefield

Fun Factor
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Brownghost2445d ago

i agree this game can be really underrated im happy they will make a sequel and fix their mistakes

ainsz2444d ago

I agree with everything you said about the single player, but for me I just couldn't get into the multiplayer, I thought it was poor. Nice review.

Hufandpuf2444d ago

The only thing disappointing about the game is the texture pop-ups and technical glitches. The minigun sequence at the end was the most horrible points in the game. I still loved the campaign and authenticity of the game.

Sheikah2443d ago

While not a stellar shooter - this title was overshadowed by bigger relases. It had some technical issues, but I still think the emphasis of realism and immersion kept it afloat :) good review

fooxy2440d ago

I think this was complete dogshit, mutliplayer was a complete disappointment with lack of guns,maps, features and many other broken things, single player had some nice moments but in many parts looked like Danger Close had no idea how to utilize engine