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User Review : Medal of Honor

  • Good graphics, sound and general presentation
  • Interesting variation of weapons and vehicles
  • A missed opportunity to tell a personal story
  • Even on HARD will not be a challenge for most gamers

Tier 1 Answers to the Call of Duty

The reboot of the Medal of Honor series on the next gen consoles has been hotly anticipated for a long time and finally it has arrived. How does it stand up to the hype? Pretty well I think, there are few minor issues and maybe some missed opportunities but all in all its a success.

The location is Afgahnistan and you play as a few different characters in the armed forces, including the newly famous Tier 1.

Story begins with a group of soldiers on the hunt for an informant in an attempt to retrieve some intelligence for the CIA. They are lead into a trap and the fight begins.

What follows are a good collection of missions with varied objectives and locations. Its not a simple get from A to B shooting everything in your path game; you will have specific objectives like clearing out gun nests, sniping, raining heavy artillery from an AC130, laying waste to enemies from a helicopter.

You feel like you are part of the squad in this game. You will be givem instructions, you have a spotter when sniping and you have specific role to play in each mission.

Weapons are very effective (perhaps a little too effective for vieo games). Head shots are a plenty with the auto aiming and you get through levels without getting a scratch. In fact there is a specific mode (Tier 1 Mode) where the aim of teh game is to play through each mission without dying and you can post your times and scores on teh worldwide leaders boards.

An opportunity was missed to make this a single mans journey/story of the war. The trailer videos, specifically "Leave a Message" let us believe this could have been a very emotional story, but unfortunately for all the good presentation you simply don't care about the characters. With some different cut scenes we could have cared more and I would have liked to have seen the main character die at the end - yes I would have! This would have led us nicely into the "Leave a Message" trailer and think grown men could have cried...

All in all its a satisfying game with an expanding multiplayer and you should not let it pass you buy just because certain other shooters are around at this time.

There were a few glitchs and scrolling issues in the campaign but no show stoppers. The Multiplayer links well considering it was a different developer. DICE have done a superb job of creating some interesting locations.
Great single player and Multiplayer sound. with surround on and volume up , simply this game puts you in th middle of the action with great audio.
Intuitive controls mean its simple to play and the campaign is varied with vehicle and on foot missions.
Fun Factor
Its too short, the trophies are quite easy and also playing on HARD wasn't much of a challenge.
The multiplayer takes a little time. Users with a little more play time under thier belt have better weapons at thier disposal and until you can unlock the scopes you will be at a disadvantage. The maps are great and with DLC it has already expanded nicely.
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