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User Review : Medal of Honor

  • The feel of fighting for your life
  • The feel of being on a battlefield
  • Multiplayer

EA showed up Dice

So I was being rather optimistic about Medal of Honor, finally doing a modern take, the war in Afghanistan?, and Tier 1!? Sounded like a set up for a win. However once the game finally released I'm not sure if the game lived up to the hype.

First let me say this. I will not compare this game to Modern Warfare, I will not claim it should have dethroned it. So if that was what you're looking for. Carry on.

Single Player-
I loved it. A bit short, I felt like I easily played through the game, a bit buggy at time as well. However this game did something that I felt few Modern themed shooters have ever done. It felt like war. Black Hawk Down, easily my favorite movie ever, the whole city is coming down on a few hundred US Soldiers. I was always waiting for a game that made me feel like that and Medal of Honor had several occasions where the Tier 1 guys, or the Rangers are putting their escape and evasion training to the test. Even having to request ammo from your comrades made it feel like you were really fighting to get out of that situation alive. Loved it, however it could've been a bit longer.

Don't mind it. It feels like a battle zone, you spawn and there is always tons of gun fire going on all around you. It was something kinda new to me, it felt like war. I had to adjust my style of play from moving cover to cover, pausing to scan the area and moving on further. But then there will be occasions where I'm running and gunning taking down multiple enemies and moving around the map to gain the upper hand. Buttttt its lacking, and in things that...really shouldn't be an issue. First complaint is that there is no way to leave a game without being penalized? Instead of going from map to map, they should give you some cool down time to adjust your loadouts. Then there is the spawn camping and getting mortared as soon as you spawn is no fun. Also what is wrong with games nowadays there is no auto correct system to adjust the teams? Combat missions sucks because if the game isn't going your way, your defending the objective, you and the other 3 guys on your team. Not to mention there is not enough variety to the weaponry. To sum it up Dice seemed to cop out on the Multiplayer, it feels rush, and is lacking any sort of polish.

I loved the single player. I don't mind the multiplayer so much, I really think they dropped the ball on several things. But I think its a step in the right direction. I think that EA should pay close attention to user feedback then turn around and design the ENTIRE game they're damn selves because I honestly don't feel that DICE helped on this one.

Fun Factor
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