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What Genre Of Games Are Your Achilles Heel

585d ago ... I was just watching a Rev3Games Casual Friday video that asked the question: What games do you suck at? It got me thinking about that question myself and the answer for me was obvious. The genre of games I completely suck at are pretty much anything that's first person based, but mostly first person shooters. It's odd because I can play some games that allow for a toggling of first person to...

Medal of Honor: I don't understand why people dislike it

663d ago ... I have recently been re-playing; Medal of Honor Warfighter and I come to ask myself why people don’t like it, when personally myself I have enjoyed playing the game loads. OK before I go any further lets ignore the fact it's made by EA because frankly only because there a bad company doesn't mean that they make bad games (just look at Battle Field) Let’s start with the single player side...

Bad Company 3 - Release dates?

1146d ago ... Its sad to say but 2 years have passed since Sweetwater, Haggard, Sarge and Marlowe blessed our consoles and PCs with humor and grace. Their 2nd outing exceeded expectations and managed to sell 12m copies across all 3 platforms. Naturally EA was be impressed with a spin off to the Battlefield franchise to sell so well. However this has left them in a rather awkward position of having 3 big F...

Battlefield 3 beta and all the voices

1314d ago ... Battlefield's 3 beta opened 27th of September for those who bought Tier 1 edition of Medal of Honor and preordered the game on EA's downloadable service Origin. My goal with this post is to set up a constructive discussion regarding BF3 in general comparing it to it's predecessors. I have 500 hours in Bad Company 2 on the PS3. Some don't care and some would not understand why I put 500 hrs in...

GOTY Awards

1603d ago ... Well I do this every year, because I don't agree with many of the choices the major websites pick, as it seems like they're trying to push certain games over others. So here's my GOTY awards. Best Action-Adventure Winner: God of War 3 Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption Honorable Mentions: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid...

Effect of Other Media on the Gaming Industry

1616d ago ... Let's face it, video games are demonized all across the board aside from the gaming industry themselves. Usually it's because some idiot either can't tell the difference between reality and virtuality or simply because he wants something to blame his behavior on. It is a sickening action that just makes other forms of media less welcoming to their younger brother. Let's think for a second ab...

graphics glitches fix in medal of honor 2010 pc

1663d ago ... n Medal Of Honor 2010, the configuration file you need to edit is "Settings.ini", which can be found from: * For Windows 7/Vista: C:Users[Zawad]DocumentsMedal of HonorMultiplayersettings.ini * For Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings[Zawad]My DocumentsMedal of HonorMultiplayersettings.ini 1. Medal of Honor 2010 Graphics Performance Improving The first thing is to update...

Taliban removed from MoH: A view of a former Army Ranger

1676d ago ... This was posted in GameTrailers forum by a former Army Ranger and this is his view on the Taliban issue in the upcoming Medal of Honor. I post this because I agree with this, and I think he hits a few valid points. I hope you enjoy this read as well as I did. "As a former army ranger from back in the day of desert storm I say this is bullshit. Its bullshit what EA did and its bullshit what c...

Family Ties

1811d ago ... In the latest Medal of Honor Trailer (Leave a Message), the soldier's name is revealed to be Jim Patterson. Most of you will recall that the name of the lead character in the early medal of honor games was Jimmy Patterson, and that it was presumed that he married Manon (from Medal of Honor: Underground). It is known that he proposed, but her answer was never revealed. So it is logical to...
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