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User Review : Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Graphics
  • Buddy System
  • Sound
  • Unpolished campaign
  • Lack of destruction

An epic multiplayer experience on Frosbite 2

I preordered Medal of Honor Warfighter because I had a 50% off coupon thanks to Battlefield Premium, I wasn't expecting much but I couldn't resist the offer. It got a bad reception in general, but does this game deserve it

Single player

The single player campaign of this game looks stunning, the graphics are one of the best on PC, that doesn't make it good, it's a generic action filled campaign with a lackluster story that's filled with scripted events, glitches and bad slow motion breaches, they get old quickly and you get about 2 per mission; you get rewarded for your aim on these with more ways of breaching, but they don't affect the difficulty or the outcome of the breach which makes them pointless. The enemy AI is good, but your allies are brain dead.

The story is pretty simple, you need to shut down terrorist operations, you also get some "emotional" family flashbacks of the two main characters,Preacher and Stump, they felt pretty lame to me; the campaign is also pretty predictable and short, it took me 6 hours to complete.

The graphics are the only good thing about the campaign; the lighting it's one of the best if not the best on PC, but that's about it. This game runs on frostbite 2, yet it lacks the amazing destruction elements from battlefield 3, they're minimal. Another flaw about this game is that it uses many animations found in battlefield 3.
The sound effects are top notch, I have no complaints about them, and the game actually feels like a war when you play because of the amazing sounds.


This game's strength it's the multiplayer, it got battlelog integrated in the menu, which makes it A LOT easier to play with friends which is pretty convenient since its biggest strength depends on that, the buddy system: you pretty much cooperate with a buddy of yours, he can heal and resupply you, which is pretty convenient; you get points and benefits for your buddy’s actions, if he avenges you when you die you will instantly spawn on him, this system improves teamwork dramatically when you’re with random people. I had a lot of fun with my friends, we competed to see which fire team (2 man squad) got the highest score, because at the end of each round there’s a fire team leaderboard.

There are 6 classes, each from a different country: Assaulter, Heavy gunner, Sniper, Point man, Spec ops and Demolitions. Every class feels unique since they all got a class specific special ability and different gameplay.

The gun customization is pretty deep with a lot of options, it’s kind of complex because of that, but it doesn’t make it bad; you can customize everything about your gun, muzzle, optics, barrel, color, etc. The enormous amount of options and unlocks makes the multiplayer long lasting.

The game modes aren’t innovative; most of them are fun to play thanks to the buddy system. Combat mission makes a return, there’s also a game mode called hotspot: 5 bomb sites, one of them is randomly activated, one team must defend it while the other team attacks it. There are 8 maps; most of them are good, nothing mind-blowing though.

In conclusion, Medal of Honor Warfighter is a game that will surely disappoint anyone who gets it for its single player campaign, because it’s a short, unpolished experience with a lackluster story that actually feels like a step back from the previous game. But the multiplayer experience is deep and unique, thanks to the buddy system, and it’s backed up by the top notch graphics and sound, even though battlefield 3 level destruction would make it a lot better.

Generic FPS gameplay, feels clunky at times
Fun Factor
The campaign isn't fun at all, you probably won't finish it, it's THAT bad
A solid experience with the innovative buddy system
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