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User Review : Medal Of Honor 2

  • guns
  • aim
  • accuracy
  • restocking ammo from team mates
  • glitches / bugs
  • overly dark scenes

It's Medal of Honor just not quite the same MOH we experienced last year. There's something missing.

Platform: Xbox 360
PEGI: 18+
Developer: EA

Medal of Honor Warfighter is a glitchy game. There's no getting away from it, it has its campaign issues when it comes to player control, I experienced it and needless to say, you either have or would too.

Sometimes its the small things such as grabbing ammo from your buddies that can be the biggest pain. Try holding X whilst moving to a colleague, nothing will happen unless you do it whilst attached to their pants. Yes this should ruin the game but somehow it's forgiven.

For 2 years now, I seem to have developed a love affair with Medal of Honor, god knows I can't explain it - let's face it who could? Only on the campaign mode of course, I couldn't face playing it online as it would likely remind me of Dragon Rising and nobody needs that online experience bouncing around their mind. Just what is it that makes me want to play this game? Well..

The last MOH was a lot better thats a fact. It was the first one I ever entertained but felt driven to try it. I only popped when the helicopter started landing in the desert on the dusty trail full of terrorists ready to 'pop a cap'. Before that, I wasn't a fan, in truth I am less of a fan today, than yesterday, it simply wasn't as good as the last either visually or via game play.

It was however, worth buying. Now I realise these 2 conflict, but lets be honest, we have all played worse games than something released in 2012 by EA. It is the black sheep of EA's FPS, you can tell it a mile off. It's as if someone segregated a boy and girl in love and demanded they no longer speak to each other, it's part of what I love about the game. Someone told battlefield to bog off.

Even through its awkwardly slow movements, it won't let you just go 'sod it' and turn the console off. Maybe you will also sit there hoping for more as I did. It doesn't really ever come 'in game' that much I assure you, yet, you will hardly be able to walk away either.

Another thing that stood out, is how bad they are at reproducing childrens faces, it was a bad ellie only slightly younger, yet the mother was actually really well developed. I found that extremely strange, as if they had to say 'the mum's done screw the kid'. Why EA, I need to be at peace with this...

Graphically too, it was a little challenged. Through the awkward movements and chasing every other guy around for ammo (why do they have all the ammo? it makes no sense), RPG's thundering past your head that do little damage, only to warn you, the guy waiting for you is on the other side of the map and you need to do something differently, hello! It all felt somewhat awkward compared to the last edition.

It was also quite batmanesque. A little too dark throughout the entire game as a whole and considering how bright the airport and desert scenes were in the last installment, I was somewhat sick to death of being a child of the night, it certainly didn't ring out as the best work from this development team. At times, you would be forgiven for wondering if they had actually played and reviewed their own game. Well did you?

I felt like they should probably have nipped it in the bud at the last one, yet, I must admit the firefights were pretty damn glorious, in fact the gun responses were where this game actually excelled. In fact, if all FPS played with the gun responses online, that MOHW can achieve in campaign, I am sure none of the pad throwing seen in recent times would even happen anymore.

It's not THE greatest game I ever played, COD4 still holds that title both online and off, however, it is reasonably comfortable when push comes to shove, it's not bad at all. I would love to heap praise on the game but it would be based more on the last rendition and I wouldn't be totally truthful if I had. It still brought a tear to my eye with the final scenes, something I can't escape.

I say, go and buy it either way, even if it's just to test out the campaign and then pass it on...


The graphics were of an expected calbre. Nothing new here, slightly less impressive than MOH.
What seriously lets this game down, is the volume you have to insert into listening to the rest of the team. No wonder most people need to read the screen - it's distracting.
The gameplay is actually really nice when scoping and the destructables make it somewhat realistic but hardly a try-hard game. Sometimes the lack of bullet damage is apparent especially when coming to a reload.
Fun Factor
It's MOH it's fun and a welcome break from the Call of Duty series. Not enough vehicle interaction but still pretty well balanced which does make this a fun game.
No comment. I never play this online and don't intend to start so I have rated this a 7 which is my campaign review (excludes online).
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