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By Alexander Presthus, Co-Founder at Lumi Game AS. 1987 was a fairly ordinary year in terms of world events, Margareth Thatcher was elected for...

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Beginners Guide to Civilisation 5: Brave New World

1d 18h ago - This feature was written to give some basic advice to players who have just started playing Civ 5... | PC

The Sims 4 Gameplay Preview Interview E3 2014

29d ago - Electronic Arts Maxis Producer Ryan Vaughn previews The Sims 4 in this exclusive gameplay preview... | PC

How Maxis 'snuck' its support of same-sex relationships into The Sims

340d ago - Nobody at EA Maxis questioned it when lead engineer Jamie Doornbos introduced same-sex relationsh... | PC

Why I Wouldn’t Buy The Sims 4

427d ago - With the internet mixed on their feelings about the coming of The Sims 4, asks what... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

74% of SimCity players prefer previous game

447d ago - A SimCity forum poll has revealed 74% of players found SimCity 4 "more fun" than Maxis and EA's l... | PC

6 things Maxis must fix in SimCity

486d ago - With the SimCity servers now comparatively stable, EA and Maxis must have hoped they would be thr... | PC

SimCity interview: Lucy Bradshaw reflects on a disaster launch

486d ago - Maxis general manager discusses refund policy, always-online tech and fixing the city | PC

Maxis Insider Tells RPS: SimCity Servers Not Necessary

488d ago - "In all the fuss and mess of the disastrous SimCity launch, one refrain has been repeated again a... | PC

Shack News: Maxis: SimCity launch trouble 'almost behind us'

488d ago - "SimCity has almost scrambled back to its feet following the disastrous launch that left players... | PC

Gamespot UK: Maxis internal SimCity memo leaks

490d ago - Studio general manager says server rollout in North America has been "challenging," promises stud... | PC

What the #$*?! is Wrong With You People!?

567d ago - Some days are more intelligent than others, and yesterday was not one of them. NRA talking heads... | Culture

My Favourite Game Series: The Sims

611d ago - Hannah Jones looks at her favourite game series of all time. The Sims. | PC

PC Gaming Still Alive- Maxis

675d ago - We're still seeing the PC market is not dead: It's very much alive | PC

Maxis Explains Why SimCity Has Always-On Requirement

762d ago - Gamespy: It kind of kills me to be so excited about SimCity. On one hand, it is looking adorab... | PC

First There Was SimCity. Then The Sims. Is SimOcean Next?

807d ago - Siliconera: Electronic Arts is letting Maxis make more Sim titles that aren’t expansion packs... | PC

SimCity 5, first Footage and Gameplay details

857d ago - Footage of the new SimCity have hit the web in a demonstration of the new Glassbox-Engine from th... | PC

GDC Vault Adds Free Crawford, Halo: Reach, Maxis Lectures

1138d ago - Gamasutra: The GDC Vault service has debuted free video talks from Game Developers Conference 201... | Culture
10° | Games that the Console Generation Missed: SimCity 3000 (1999)

1414d ago - Series of posts reviewing games that the console generation missed because they were PC exclusive... | PC

EA Reveals ‘Darkspore’

1453d ago - "EA today announced the latest project from its development team at Maxis, set for an early 2011... | PC

Darkspore - Debut Teaser Trailer

1453d ago - Electronic Arts reveals a new sci-fi RPG currently in development by Maxis Studio. | PC

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The Sims 3 - Coming To Consoles Interview

1454d ago - Assistant Product Manager Azure Bowie talks new features specifically tailored to each console fo... | Nintendo DS
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