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User Review : Max Payne 3

  • For the most part good story
  • Great gameplay
  • Beautiful looking game
  • Uninteresting characters
  • IMO unbalanced arcade

Max is back, with Maximum Payne.

I'm a little late to review this, but better late then never.

So, as many of you know, Max Payne 3 is a third person shooter. The main twist to the whole series is it's bullet time feature. Which is amazing. It feels fantastic to kill five+ guys in one bullet time, all head shots. You feel better about yourself. But, let's get down to the review.


Max Payne 3 takes place 9 years after the events of Max Payne 2. In the third game, Max is still heavily traumatized by his painful past. Currently, Max is heavily drinking and on excessive painkillers. He feels sorry for himself.

To get his mind off of all that, Max get's a job as a bodyguard for a rich family. However, gangs in Sao Paolo target this family, and Max must protect them. Two daughters of the father, Rodrigo Branco, is kidnapped and Max must find them and rescue them.

Now, we're done with the description. Let's get to the ratings. I'd say that the story is great and the writing is brilliant, however I PERSONALLY didn't feel the characters were fantastic. Even Max himself. I feel Max is the same character through out, drunk, depressed, and sometimes happy. I love seeing characters change through out a story, which I didn't see here.

I never really got too engaged with Passos. I just saw him as a guy who helps me with missions. Sad, I know... but that's how I felt.


This game looks beautiful. It's not the textures, shadow quality, or DX11 that impresses me. It's the greatly colored environments and facial animations that really grab me about the graphics.

So far, I have not noticed any pop-in textures at all. They all appear perfectly when you suddenly turn around. Basically, the opposite of RAGE... my lord.


The gameplay in this game is perfect, seriously. As I said before, bullet time feels amazing. The guns feel great. The shotguns feel like shotguns, pistols feel like pistols, etc.

I'd say my only complaint about the gameplay is the bullet time "recovery time" as I call it. When you go into bullet time and, let's say, run into a wall, you fall over and it takes a few precious seconds to get back up. I have died COUNTLESS times from that. But it's seriously only a minor complaint.

I never got bored with the combat, and I feel like I won't for a while.


A new feature in Max Payne 3 that weren't in the other games is it's ARCADE mode. Basically, it takes snip-its from the story mode and the challenge is to complete these snip-its in either a required amount of time, or you need to gather as much score points as you can depending on what mode you choose.

One complaint about it, though. I feel like the Arcade levels are super unbalanced. I had super difficulty with the stadium level whatever it's called, but in the next one in the bar, I did it in one shot. So my only thing about that is it's unbalanced nature at times.


Yet again a new feature of Max Payne 3 that weren't in the other games, is multiplayer. No shock here, just about any game now-a-days has multiplayer. Even though I haven't been deeply affected by the multiplayer, I've had some good fun with it.

There are some very mundane modes. Deathmatch, Team deathmatch, those sorts of game types. But then there is a mode like Gang Wars, which is where you go through a "story" of sorts, going through 5 stages of a match. These 5 stages contain different objectives. Like planting/defusing a bomb, killing everyone, good stuff.


So my verdict is I'd say, a 9/10. I think this game is awesome despite some minor flaws, and it's well worth $60. I look forward to playing the single player of this game a few times over and over.

If you have not picked up Max Payne 3, I highly suggest you do.

Game looks fantastic, no pop-in, very well colored environments.
Realistic explosions and gun sounds make for a truly fantastic experience.
Beautiful combat, with an annoying bullet time "recovery" as I say in the review.
Fun Factor
I can actually see myself playing this game when I am bored. Just put it in, and play some multiplayer or arcade.
For the most part good, haven't seen any unbalanced weapons. Some modes are fantastic, but some modes aren't very original.
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StayStatic2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Good Review , Rockstar showed the PC some love with this title , the game is gorgeous when cranked up to high + , was certainly worth the 30GB download :D

Rockstar was also quick to patch any problems within a week of release , very impressed.

Just be sure add -nomouseaccel to the command line, R* say it will be added as a standard option next patch so it will do for now :) , source: http://forums.steampowered....

Completed it on hard mode (free aim) the other night, very challenging , enjoyed it from start to finish :)

konnerbllb2347d ago

Why the minecraft pickaxe?

LPH242346d ago

Yeah, it's not the review "image" if you will. Just my profile picture.

tee_bag2422343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

LPH24 - Great Review.

Wern't the graphics amazing!! And the gameplay was indeed tight.
My only gripes are:

it didn't have the Max Payne darkness or twistedness. As beautiful as the environments were they all felt a touch could have been Drake or any other recent game hero - I wouldn't have been the wiser.

I loved the NY flashbacks so much and wished the whole game was set in NY again. I kind of wished they had gone with the original max payne digitalized art. Without it, the game just felt like a GTA version of Max Payne. Kind of the way that Lego do Star Wars (slight exageration).
Max Payne had a different voice or character from cutscenes to gameplay. Cutscenes were original max payne, ingame was some other joe blo.

Id give the game a 8.5 anyways

My two cents.
Thanks for the review :)

Derekvinyard132340d ago

dude, James mccaffrey did every second of voice acting as max payne from games 1-3 no one else does them. he sounds old in #3

tee_bag2422340d ago

Thanks for confirming that. I should have been a bit more clear in my post.
I meant that Max Payne had a very different character (persona) from cut scenes to ingame. So much that I thought it could have been a different actor in some of the shots.