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User Review : Mass Effect

  • Incredible Story{Graphics{Replayability
  • Texture pop glitches{All the elevators (load times){Vehicle controls &
  • Inventory Management

The Best Story Told, at least, so far this generation...

I submit this review, being someone who has actually spent some time with Mass Effect. I have beaten the game on Insanity, played through the game four times and I have all achievements except the Ally achievements, which I think are perhaps a little glitched. I only mention all this right off the bat because most bad internet reviews and user reviews of this game have come from people who frankly have not spent the time with the game to truly appreciate or understand it, and may not even be fans of RPG's. And of course, that's okay. We do not all appreciate the same styles of music, art, or even video gaming genres.

Mass Effect has the best story available in this generation of gaming to date. By far, this is the best RPG on a next gen console, with the most incredible facial animations I've seen on a video game. That being said, it does suffer from load times (elevators) & texture pop (Unreal Engine) probably due to the sheer size and scope of the game (Microsoft should have allowed HDD standard & this game could have really benefited from HDD streaming, just like DMC4 did for the PS3).

An average playthrough should take no less than 20 hours assuming you do a few of the side missions and complete the main quest. As this is an RPG first, one should not expect the gameplay mechanic to be as fleshed out as an action game or a standard FPS. Mass Effect is first and foremost an RPG, and as such, its primary focus is on the story and leveling up your character. Arguably, these elements and even graphics may be a greater concern than gameplay in an RPG.

You really need to complete at least 7-8 hours before you begin to understand what a beautiful experience Bioware has put together. The gameplay while not perfect, utilizes great ideas like a Gears of War type of cover system and a third person point of view like RE4, which I personally really like. I find the gameplay to be very well done considering it is an RPG, it has evolved leaps and bounds from the blueprint of this game, one of many GOTY's from Bioware, last gen's Knights of the Old Republic.

I think this game is a masterpiece that can only truly be appreciated by RPG fans. Bioware really crammed an incredible amount of innovative concepts into this RPG. My first playthrough was 36+ hours and I probably only completed about 92% of the game. The sheer size and scope of this western RPG will reward you over and over. This, of course, brings us to replayability.

After you complete the game once, you can begin the quest anew with your leveled up character and all his/her items and continue leveling until you reach Level 60. Or, you can start a new game, completely redesign your character, change gender if you like, and playthrough again as a Renegade or Paragon, whichever you have not done, whatever strikes your fancy. Obviously, being an RPG, there are many character classes to choose from as well, which will drastically affect the way you play the game. Conversations change and different items appear in multiple playthroughs.

Bear in mind, Bioware has a trilogy planned for Mass Effect. The decisions and choices you make in the first game will transfer over to Mass Effect 2, along with your leveled-up character.

This is truly a game that RPG fans, particularly western RPG lovers, should not miss. The classic sci-fi story Bioware spins in this game is much better than most of the sci-fi movies I've seen in the last decade. However, as I have stated many times in this review, this game is not for everyone. Not all gamers will enjoy a 35+ hour game and all the dialogue found in a typical RPG, which I can completely understand. But for those of you who do love RPG's, Bioware has definately created an incredible new IP just for you.

It actually has some of the best gameplay that I have experienced in an RPG. It has evolved miles beyond KOTOR. However, it isn't as tight as say Bioshock for example, but again, this is not a mindless FPS or action game.
Incredible graphics, particularly facial animations. The artwork & level design is astounding as well.
The musical score is superb & really fits the mood of a Sci-Fi thriller.
Fun Factor
If you like Sci-fi & RPG's, this game will not disappoint. Outstanding replayability with DLC on the way as well. If all you play and enjoy are 8 hour FPS's or sports games, this one is probably not for you.
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toughNAME3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

This is a pretty good review, even though I would disagree with the final score

But I really don't like that you felt the need to call out other User Reviews within your own review. Disagree with UR's in the comment section, don't retaliate like this.

But there's no UR guidelines as far as I know, so I'll approve

Lord Vader3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Well, then please, if that is your opinion, then you should not approve. If there is a way to "not approve" then please, do so. It doesnt really matter to me, but I definately disagree with many of the user reviews I have read, as you have the right to disagree with mine.

As I cite in my review, this is a game for ppl who enjoy RPG's & are comfortable with them & love that particular genre. For those, this is an *oustanding* game, period. Please realize, it has already won many awards for Bioware as well as RPG of the year. Gamers who have not played RPG's before or generally dont care for all the dialogue & such, it is my humble opinion that this game is not for them, nor should they review it.

Thank you for your honesty, but again, if that is your opinion, I am not sure why you would approve my review. I believe this game is well deserving of the score I gave it provided that the reader is a fan of RPG's, particularly western RPG's, & I think my review makes that point crystal clear.

And I sincerely thank you again for both your time & your opinion.

PS360WII3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Dude I have 900/1000 achievments in this game I think my user review was pretty fair for how much time I've spent on this.

The majority of games I play are RPG's so I fancy the good ones. Saying this Mass Effect has the best story but that's all it has. Your review you make it seem like you are the only one who can like a Role Playing Game. I'm sorry you are not you just are in love with the fact that you played this game.

Good game not great and this is a rather over rated score you gave it, but I am glad you wrote one. Cudos :)

edit: sorry for the cross comment but you are obviously writing this in anger over my 7.9 of this game. Like I said I play RPG's and love them.

Lord Vader3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Apparently, *at the time of your submission*, you supposedly had 100 out of 1000 - at least, according to the comments found on your own user review. But primarily, I wrote this review thanks to an internet article calling the game "Mass Defect" written by an author who played 8 hours & did not even know how to level up his character. Then yes, I read some really piss poor user reviews on this site as well as others. Y'know son, we *can* simply agree to disagree...

"Saying this Mass Effect has the best story but that's all it has..."

If you truly feel that way, *why* do you play it ??? LOL, what a hater !

"Good game not great and this is a rather over rated score you gave it..."

This game has a *metacritic of 9.0, it *sold 1 million copies in it's first three weeks, *voted RPG of the year, *voted E3's best game, as well as *nominated by many, many sites for GOTY. Hell, this game garnered many reviews scores higher than my little ole' user review. What was your point again ?

"Your review you make it seem like you are the only one who can like a Role Playing Game"

LOL ! Please, plenty of people like RPG's & are better at them than me ! I kept repeating that fact because the score I gave it was INTENDED for ppl who *really* do like RPG's, particularly western RPG's. I maintain that if RPG's aren't your thing ("your" being a generalization), then this game isn't for "you".

So yes, I do disagree with your review, lol, but at least I don't act like a scolded child. I suggest you don't write reviews if you cannot handle criticism. I also found your review to be very misleading... that's actually what prompted me to cite in my review that this game is really for RPG enthusists... so I dont send the wrong msg or make the wrong assumption(s) about the reader...

Frankly, based on your review & opinion of the BEST RPG available on any Next Gen console, ...maybe you prefer JRPG's, maybe this particular game just wasn't right for you. But, I have never played an RPG that perfected the gameplay aspect of the game, & I have played many.

So, I guess it was easier for me to look past minior glitches & enjoy the bigger picture, ...just like every other RPG I have ever played. Mass Effect is an exceptional RPG IMHO, & I think *most* RPG lovers would agree (Hence the awards & metacritc score for this game).

Modus Vivendi.

3933d ago
llamaman133920d ago

i liked the game, and yes it deos get good scores, so why hate?

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