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Review: Mass Effect 3's "Citadel" DLC |

748d ago - Reviewer Matt Gosper writes, "Looking back, Mass Effect 3 surpassed its predecessors in many ways... | PC

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review *May Contain Nuts...and Spoilers* -

751d ago - A paragraph from the review - "The mission structure of Citadel is varied at times, although th... | Xbox 360

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Mass Effect Trilogy Review | VGU

759d ago - Will Mass Effect be remembered as this generations defining RPG series? With EA's release of the... | PC

Mass Effect Review | Gamer Living

821d ago - Gamer Living: "Don’t let that fool you into not buying the game, however. While bugs occasionall... | PS3

Mass Effect Review | PlayStation Universe

823d ago - PlayStation Universe: "The original Mass Effect has finally arrived on the PlayStation 3, which c... | PS3

IGN- Mass Effect PS3 Review

841d ago - Mass Effect’s extremely late appearance on the PlayStation 3 seems to prove the old adage “nothin... | PS3

Mass Effect (PlayStation Network) Review - Push Square

841d ago - Push Square: "Launching five years after its original Xbox 360 debut, Mass Effect has finally lan... | PS3

Mass Effect Trilogy Review- Game Pandemic

876d ago - Is paying full price again really worth it for an art book? Read Game Pandemic`s full review. | PC

Girl Uses Harp to Critique Mass Effect's Body Image (GP)

1068d ago - Rebecca Mayes reviews Mass Effect with her live performance at our theatre show. Her song questio... | Xbox 360
160° --- Mass Effect Video Reviews

1091d ago - The Mass Effect franchise is the big masterpiece trilogy from Bioware and EA. The games have been... | PC

'Mass Effect': The Trilogy Review - Part 1

1095d ago - This is the first part of the trilogy's review, covering the first game in the series. "The ye... | PC

iPad Lounge Reviews Mass Effect Datapad | Jumpnshoot

1099d ago - | So Datapad isn’t really a game but then again it has some Tiny Tower influence b... | Casual games

iPad Lounge Reviews Mass Effect: Infiltrator

1100d ago - Randall Ezno is a top notch Cerberus agent handling missions of vital importance for the pro-huma... | Casual games

Mass Effect 3 Review (TechDay / Game Console)

1101d ago - Matt Brachi takes a look at the final chapter in the Mass Effect Trilogy - was it worth the wait? | Xbox 360

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe book review

1118d ago - Mass Effect 3 was released in North America earlier this week so it is good timing for ThinkGeek.... | PC

Review: Mass Effect Infiltrator - XBIGY Games

1119d ago - Xbigy games reviews Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS devices. | iPhone

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe Collector's Edition Review

1121d ago - As we are all very aware, the arrival of Harbinger and the entire Reaper armada is imminent. Eart... | PC

Mass Effect Unfolds with Retribution (Review) -

1149d ago - "Saren has been stopped. The Collector base has been destroyed. Yet the Reapers still came. Earth... | PC

CtN Game Reviews #11: Mass Effect

1308d ago - Chris loves Mass Effect. This might be one of his most difficult reviews. Not because of the age... | Xbox 360

Review of Mass Effect 2 (

1501d ago - Mass Effect 2 has finally reached neglected ps3 owner's arms. This is the perfect game for anyone... | PS3

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Spawn Kill Book Review: Mass Effect Revelation

1783d ago - David "Snarkasaur" Stewart writes, "In the original Mass Effect game it was a player’s job as Com... | Culture

The Go Review: Mass Effect 2

1885d ago - The Go writes: "Mass Effect 2 is a gaming masterpiece. It is not only a title that does well... | 2, 12

XboxEdge: Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Review

2025d ago - Bioware has produced several of my favorite games and to me, their name is closely tied to qualit... | 2

Spawn Kill Review: Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC

2029d ago - Tigresa of Spawn Kill gives a wary look at the latest under-the-radar DLC available for Mass Effe... | 2

IGN: Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station Review

2044d ago - Pinnacle Station is uninspired, poorly constructed, and offers none of what made Mass Effect a gr... | 2,12
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Mass Effect

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