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5 of the most memorable video game villains

10d ago - Alec writes "If I asked you to name the top five best villains in video game history, it would re... | PC

Sweating to Games: A 45-Minute Game Music Playlist for Working Out

11d ago - G4@Syfygames's Jason Fanelli shares his video game music playlist tailor made for the gym with th... | Culture

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

The Top 5 Voice Actors in Gaming

14d ago - Voice acting is an essential part of the video game universe and some prominent figures have emer... | Industry

Gaming on the Fringe: Mass Effect and Mach Effect

16d ago - In this article I discuss the eponymous tech of Mass Effect and how its used in many ways in-univ... | PC

Mass Effect’s Soundtrack Was Beautiful And Vital To Its Success

18d ago - writes: ''Mass Effect is still a game I have a huge soft spot for. When ever I... | PC

Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

18d ago - Digital Foundry: Since our first tests in July, it's clear that Xbox One backward compatibility... | Xbox 360

Top 10 Last-Gen Gems to Play on Your Xbox One

19d ago - Take a short hop back in time with the best old games for Xbox One. | Xbox One

'The stealth bit' and 6 other game design fads we're glad are gone

23d ago - GR: Sometimes, everyone gets swept up in an idea for a few months. Maybe it was cool the first t... | Mass Effect

10 Games Where the Story Was Much Better Than the Gameplay

31d ago - It's really a testament to the writing and storytelling in a game when it transcends gameplay sho... | Nintendo DS

Mass Effect's Commander Shepard, Reporting For Duty

36d ago - Kotaku: Lurea gets the “box art” Femshep just right. Photos by HM. | Culture

Modern Video Games that Should be Made into TV Shows

40d ago - SegmentNext - A lot of video games have been made into films in the past, but only a few of them... | PC

Why RPGs Aren't Really RPGs Anymore

42d ago - Games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Fable are some examples of games that pride themselves on th... | Culture

Video Game Spaceships: Top Ten List

43d ago - The Nerd Stash: Who doesn’t love video game spaceships? Science fiction has had a huge impact on... | PC

Game Developers, Stop Hiding Your Narratives in Games

71d ago - OnlySP: The never-ending argument over what video games are designed for rages on. Should they ju... | PC

Mass Effect’s Top Five Characters

75d ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'So, you may or may not have noticed this weekends huge (pretty mino... | PC

Virtual Diversity - An Appeal for Variety.

76d ago - A look at bringing some variety to our virtual role playing. | Industry

Morality In Video Games

78d ago - There’s something unique about the medium of video games, and that is their active nature. Where... | PC

Top Seven Fave Female Video Game Characters

85d ago - 3rd World Geeks: "I actually compiled a list like this way, way, way back in Episode 44. However,... | PS2

Top 5 Video Game Worlds To Get Lost In

89d ago - Ashley from GamersFTW writes: With the much-anticipated Fallout 4 now out, we thought we’d take a... | Culture

Celebrate N7 Day With the 10 Best Mass Effect Characters This Side of the Relay

93d ago - There are a bunch of fantastic characters in the Mass Effect universe. These 10 characters are th... | PC

Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

5 Books That We Think Should be Made into Games

103d ago - Ashley from GamersFTW writes: As many games take inspiration from novels, we at GamersFTW have co... | Culture

Top 20 Iconic Video Game Songs Part 1 (20-11)

126d ago - GamersFTW writes - We’ve decided to do a rundown of the top 20 most iconic video game songs in ex... | Arcade

7 Secret Dragon Age / Mass Effect Crossovers

132d ago - Dragon Age: Inquisition's Game of the Year Edition will be out October 6, but do gamers know ther... | Culture

Top 10 Mass Effect Moments

134d ago - These games have all had a mass effect on every RPG lover. | Culture

Nine Most Memorable RPG Companions

137d ago - With the genre's strong focus on story and dialog, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that R... | PC
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