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What Video Game Genre Are You? (Quiz)

46d ago - The genre of a video game can come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed in countless differ... | Culture

‘Mass Effect 4’ Gamers Want a Prequel; Devs Give Thumbs Up on Game’s ‘Milestone Review’

47d ago - "Mass Effect 4," or whatever name its developers would call it, had been making fantastic ripples... | PC

Make the World / Break the World

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Mass Effect 4: Ask and ye shall receive

48d ago - GeekSnack writes: "I don't know about you, but I went Renegade all in the way in the trilogy and... | Culture

Mass Effect's creative director asking fans what they want in Next Mass Effect

50d ago - Creative director of 'Mass Effect' Mac Walters has send out some tweets on Twitter in which he as... | PC

Why Destiny Should Fear Bioware’s Next Mass Effect

53d ago - Bungie's Destiny, in spite of its many stumbles, has been an enormous success for both the develo... | PC

Mass Effect 4 - Warner: "No need to worry about saves"; "Mike Gamble will share some ME stuff soon"

53d ago - Senior Bioware Producer, Jonathan Warner revealed on twitter some info about the upcoming highly... | PC

Next Mass Effect's development director shot some baddies in latest build

54d ago - Bioware is currently hard at work on the new Mass Effect and unfortunately not much has been reve... | PC

Rumor: Insider believes 'Mass Effect 4' will get E3 trailer that lays down direction & plot

56d ago - Industry insider Shinobi602 believes a new trailer digging into Mass Effect's storyline and plot... | PS4

Mass Effect's development director says next Mass Effect "is looking awesome"; teases news for E3

60d ago - On twitter Mass Effect's senior development director Chris Wynn replied to some fans regarding th... | PC

Which Games Got You into Gaming? Mass Effect 4? World of Warcraft 2?

61d ago - Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. Welcome back to the show where we answer the question... | PC

Mass Effect 4 To Have Emotionally Believable Characters With Realistic Animations

64d ago - The chances are good that if you played Mass Effect 3 and enjoyed it, then you played it multiple... | PC

Mass Effect 4 dev Bioware promises singleplayer "Will be massive"; Working on Title & more

70d ago - Bioware's Senior development director Chris Wynn has spoken out on Twitter regarding the new upco... | PC

Predicting the 9 Biggest Reveals at E3 2015

73d ago - Overmental: E3 2015 might still be four months away, but the rumors have already started flying.... | PC

Mass Effect 4 Confirmed to Have Online, Bioware Seeking Producer

75d ago - Although BioWare games remain a decidedly single player focused experience, BioWare has proved th... | PC

Mass Effect Remake or Mass Effect 4? New Title Listed for PS4 on Amazon

77d ago - "It's unknown at this point whether the Mass Effect listing refers to a new game or a remake of t... | PS4

The Next Mass Effect Explored: Gameplay Enhancements We Want to See

78d ago - GamersNexus: "The next Mass Effect -- which has not been named “Mass Effect 4” -- will mark the s... | PC

Mass Effect 4 won’t be Dragon Age: Inquisition in space

83d ago - Dragon Age: Inquisition may have been the most successful launch for Bioware, but they won't be r... | PC

BioWare Ought To Reevaluate Mass Effect 4

84d ago - While Mass Effect 4 could be an interesting experience, it is a needless one, with the franchise... | PC

Dev: Mass Effect 4 Will Retain Its Own Identity, Dragon Age: Inquisition Won't Be A Template For It

86d ago - The next installment in Mass Effect franchise is already in development at Bioware, but when it c... | PC

Mass Effect 4 Will Likely Be Bigger Than Dragon Age: Inquisition

87d ago - "Mass Effect 4 will likely be one of the biggest, baddest releases of this entire console generat... | PC

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Rumor: Mass Effect 4 Should be at E3 2015, Planned to Release in 2016

90d ago - OnlySP: We know that a new Mass Effect is in development, and just a few months ago we were shown... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Most Believable Rumours You Need To Know

95d ago - From Xbox One exclusivity to a certain Captain’s child being the main character, here are Mass E... | PC

Mass Effect 4 Will Dwarf Previous Games, 200 Devs Working On It, Actual Name Already Finalized

99d ago - Trusted industry insider shinobi602 has taken to the NeoGAF forums to drop some information regar... | PC

Top 8 Upcoming Video Games Worth to Buy

101d ago - Previous year was pretty good for gamers, and now 2015 have also many great titles which are read... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Ways It Can Revolutionize The Franchise

103d ago - WC It’s been almost three years since Mass Effect 3 concluded the story of Commander Shepard a... | Culture

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