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What Video Game Genre Are You? (Quiz)

19d ago - The genre of a video game can come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed in countless differ... | Culture

Mass Effect 4: Ask and ye shall receive

22d ago - GeekSnack writes: "I don't know about you, but I went Renegade all in the way in the trilogy and... | Culture

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Why Destiny Should Fear Bioware’s Next Mass Effect

27d ago - Bungie's Destiny, in spite of its many stumbles, has been an enormous success for both the develo... | PC

Predicting the 9 Biggest Reveals at E3 2015

46d ago - Overmental: E3 2015 might still be four months away, but the rumors have already started flying.... | PC

The Next Mass Effect Explored: Gameplay Enhancements We Want to See

52d ago - GamersNexus: "The next Mass Effect -- which has not been named “Mass Effect 4” -- will mark the s... | PC

BioWare Ought To Reevaluate Mass Effect 4

57d ago - While Mass Effect 4 could be an interesting experience, it is a needless one, with the franchise... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Most Believable Rumours You Need To Know

69d ago - From Xbox One exclusivity to a certain Captain’s child being the main character, here are Mass E... | PC

Top 8 Upcoming Video Games Worth to Buy

75d ago - Previous year was pretty good for gamers, and now 2015 have also many great titles which are read... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Ways It Can Revolutionize The Franchise

76d ago - WC It’s been almost three years since Mass Effect 3 concluded the story of Commander Shepard a... | Culture

The Big onPause 2015 Video Game Prediction Post

78d ago - onPause writes: The onPause staff put together a list of our Top 5 predictions of the year an... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Characters Who Must Return

90d ago - WC: ME3’s ending isn’t going anywhere, but Mass Effect in general is. As 2015 kicks into gear and... | PC

Mass Effect 4 should be handled with care

93d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Bioware should handle the development and release of Mass Effect 4 with ut... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Dragon Age: Inquisition

95d ago - WC: Dragon Age: Inquisition is so good that the next Mass Effect could learn a thing or two from... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Essential Things It Must Get Right

142d ago - WC: With no word since then on the project it’s over to the fans to pull apart everything from a... | PC

Top five upcoming western-developed RPGs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

171d ago - Game Idealist reveal their top five most anticipated western-developed RPGs for PlayStation 4 and... | PS4

Mass Effect 4 – The Non News Event of the Year

234d ago - It has been little over a week since the ending of another San Diego Comic Con, and whilst there... | PS4

Did Casey Hudson Leave Bioware Over Mass Effect 4?

236d ago - The gaming industry is shocked and saddened by todays news of Casey Hudson's departure from Biowa... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 New Things We Learned From Comic-Con

246d ago - The latest Mass Effect news, direct from San Diego Comic-Con! | PC

Is BioWare's Mass Effect 4 Survey a Good Sign

256d ago - "Recently, Mass Effect 4 game producer Michael Gamble posted a Mass Effect fan feedback survey on... | PC

The 5 Biggest Keys to the Success of Mass Effect 4

256d ago - It's no secret that Mass Effect 3 left a bad taste in the mouth's of fans worldwide. It's also no... | PC

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BioWare Doesn’t Know What to Do with Mass Effect

257d ago - GeekParty writes: "Two years have passed since Mass Effect 3‘s release. Since then, we’ve heard r... | E3

Here are 10 things BioWare absolutely must not do in Mass Effect 4

257d ago - Games On: BioWare are looking for your thoughts on Mass Effect 4, and you can give them in the fo... | PC

Top 5 Most Anticipated Game Presentations for Comic-Con International

261d ago - "The Electronic Entertainment Expo has passed, but the gaming industry will still be offering a l... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 10 Things That Will Kill The Franchise

263d ago - What Culture: The Mass Effect franchise has fast become one of the most popular action-RPG franch... | PC

Mass Effect 4: 5 Ways BioWare Can Make a Generation Defining Game

266d ago - takes a look at 5 ways that BioWare can create the galaxy spanning epic that M... | PS4
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