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Top Five Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

20h ago - From the article - These woman only dominate their adversaries but they look good while they do i... | PC

The 5 Most Hilariously Awkward Sex Scenes in Gaming

7d ago - Let's explore some of the most awkward sex scenes in recent gaming years. | Xbox

The Top 5 Mad Scientists of Gaming

11d ago - There are tons of examples of scientists in games. But mad scientists are a little rarer. Possess... | PC

5 Good But Disappointing Games

13d ago - How can a game be good but also disappointing? Sometimes a game can be so good mechanically or st... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Bioware's Neil Thompson talks Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer and trying to follow Mass Effect 3

20d ago - Bioware's Neil Thompson talks about having multiplayer weekend support in Dragon Age Inquisition... | PSP

Day-one DLC in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is still lame

20d ago - KC's not the fondest of downloadable content. It’s just another way to make a $60 dollar game sig... | Xbox 360

Collector’s Cabinet: Mass Effect Normandy SR-1 Ship Replica from Dark Horse

27d ago - There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive, and shelf space can... | Culture

Top 5 Video Game Songs

29d ago - This week, the 411 staff discusses the Top 5 Video Game Songs. There were two restrictions placed... | PC

Building A Great Wii U Multiplatform Game Collection For $103

35d ago - Many gamers have a tough time keeping up with their hobby, as games are quite expensive. Nintendo... | Wii U

Moral choices continue to plague games

44d ago - Moral choices in video games have been in games for some time. They try to immerse the player by... | Industry

Video Game Heroes We’d Most Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Play

46d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): The Internet exploded over news that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson w... | Culture

Mass Effect Characters in Chibi Form Would Make Great Collectibles

55d ago - The term “Chibi” is Japanese slang for “small child”, or “short person”, but it’s mainly used in... | Culture

10 Video Games That Totally Crushed Our Dreams

56d ago - WC: "Like the world of movies, video games are all about wish fulfillment, about allowing us to p... | PC

The 8 Most Relentlessly Scary Enemy Monsters That Just Won't Quit It

56d ago - Outside Xbox: "We like to think of ourselves as unflappable gamers, but there are certain terrify... | PS2

Will Video Game Stories Ever Get Better?

56d ago - From GamesReviews: "One of the biggest topics in gaming over the past few years is the evoluti... | PC

Opinion: 'Mass Effect 4' Should Be Set After the Trilogy

57d ago - A new Mass Effect game is coming. We don't know what it's called, when it's set, what the story i... | PC

IM PLAYIN Mass Effect 3, And I'm Loving It

58d ago - IM PLAYIN takes a look at Mass Effect 3 and how it adds up to its slight rough reputation so far.... | PC

Mass Effect 3: Learn and Let Go

61d ago - JudgeGreg takes a deeply critical look at the continuing reaction to Mass Effect 3's ending, deta... | PC

Joe & Kieran Play - Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

63d ago - Joe and Kieran fight off waves of enemies in Mass Effect 3! | PC

10 Video Game Moments That Made You Cry Like A Baby

64d ago - WC: "No, there's just something in both of our eyes.... it'll probably still be here for another... | PS2

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Experienced Points: 4 Reasons Why The Mass Effect 3 Debate Refuses to Die

69d ago - Shamus Young: People have asked me: Why is the Mass Effect series - and particularly the endin... | Culture

Mass Effect Trilogy Gets Honest Trailer

72d ago - Well, we all saw this coming. The folks over at ‘Smosh Games’ have uploaded an Honest Trailer for... | PC

10 Most Heroic Deaths in Video Games

73d ago - Video games touch us in ways most media can't, and nowhere is this more recognized than when a be... | PS2

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 Free for 48 Hours on iOS App Store

75d ago - Have you ever wondered just how the Mass Effect universe was crafted? Well if you’re an iOS user,... | iPhone

Top 5 - Saddest Deaths in Video Games

75d ago - Warning: This article contains spoilers! You have been warned. Here are the top 5 saddest deaths... | PC
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